To The Cross-dresser At The Edge In 1997

I did not do anything bad to you, or so I think, but I did not do something good when I could have. I am sorry.

We sat at the upstairs outside bar, if I remember right; You on my left, me and my girl-friend-wife-to-be on my right. You were en femme and Beth was wearing something skimpy, something sexy and I was, well, just wearing male clothes with a hint of Dominance. We did not speak. And that's what I am apologizing for: not speaking.

As a cross-dresser myself I understand the nervousness you were suffering. That nervousness was more apparent than the fact that you were a cross-dresser. You had done a real good job with clothes and make-up. How would you have felt if a male in male clothes had said something like "Looking good. I never looked as good. And I most definitely never had the guts to come out in public like you're doing. Congratulations!"

Could you have relaxed? Could you have had a good time? I am sorry I did not speak, make an effort to help.
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Thank You, Mistress

Here is another reason for the List, My slave...<br />
<br />
I love you because you're compassionate. Unfortunately for you and for others like this nervous crossdresser, your ultra-submissive nature sometimes prevents you from showing it as often or as deeply as you'd like. You may have been dressed as male and Dom, but that does not change who you really are.<br />
<br />
you've once again touched My heart by opening yours, slave. I hope that by writing this down, you will be able to let it go. I'll say it again today, you worry too often about too many people.<br />
<br />
But I adore you for it.