I'm Sorry.

I am sorry if I **** someone off, made a rude comment. I am sorry that some people are so damn mean to. To the lady who said that my comment was snipe. I am sorry you are just a heartless person. I am sorry that I'm sensitive too. I don't want to attack people. If some one push me to it. I will attack. I will attacked hard. Don't cross me or emailing mean thing to me. I will stand up for myself. In real life I have be hurt too.  I don't want to be  hurt here too.

 To the lady who said that my comment is snipe. What do you look at yourself? You are attacking me and doesn't really explain why than you block me. I was hurt deep. I'm still hurting. Thanks to you that I might be going now. So  I don't have to deal with a person like you.

You just said that my comment was snipe that is just a excuse and not a reason.

So I blocked so you won't have to explain why or make more excuses.

I said that I was that I can't remember. I said I was sorry. You won't listening. That is your problem and not mine.




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Judgements come and go & yet the truth remains...<br />
<br />
Whether, hail, shine or snow... love it stays the same.

Judgements come and go & yet the truth remains...<br />
<br />
Whether, hail, shine or snow... love it stays the same.

oh.. this story. Well... It was a misunderstanding. It's fix now. <br />
I'm still here.

True, and three sides to every story... theirs, yours and mine... now which one is the truth again?

thanks robodg606...

Anyway... Mum... I thought you comment was cool... it made me laugh & I'm sure you are true... you are allowed to have some fun... if people are too grumpy & pissed off with themselves to realize that... let that be their problem... I think you are beautiful. I was down & you made me smile... BIG THUMBS UP!!!

I think this calls for the person who judged you to be blocked out themselves... this is meant to be a site that brings no judgment & will not work if judgment such as what you have suffered here is allowed... the creators of this site... God bless them (for beautiful reasons they did so...) need to think about a report system that is more efficient & direct for situations like this... obviously this person blocked their profile in order not to be judged for their own ignorance in their judging you... good lady. So I think that as soon as a comment is made... that profile should be temporarily disbarred from the site until they speak their case & at least answer to the accusation... this site must remain a safe haven... or it becomes such a stomping ground... it is then eventually useless & so goes against its own principles... this is a very important issue when it comes to this site... sorry my friend but you are too greater person to listen to fools... hence I say this matter needs addressing. There needs to be a certain sense of security against such judgment here or else what's the point of us being here.


thank tasmin. I will.

I cant get my head round this ... something very terrible happened to someone I cared about recently. For you or anyone to get so upset about remark on EP is in my opinion such a waste of time and energy. I have read your posts and you are so positive and good on the site<br />
.. let it go and spend your energy on all you love especially your gorgeous baby.


okay. I will. <br />
thanks fungirl

Stay along with me mother. Just like my mood says today it is sometimes a blessing when someone blocks you so that you don't invest time any heart value in that person when it isn't wanted by the other party. I have been blocked by 2 persons that I know of and at this point I find it hilarious. I am not disappointed. I am not upset. I, along with my friends had a great laugh about it late last night and I am soooooo over it. I am proud to be blocked!!!! I say this though to let you know that all of us get blocked at one time or another. Not every person has the same moral values, the same concepts or the same level of tolerance so accept it along with me, forget that person, and go on with your life and your EP. You know you are valued on here. So please stay and be proud of being blocked!

I'm touched. Thanks emerald.

Haters are never worth the energy, Mother. Best to surround yourself around the ones who actually care, and appreciate your imput! And it's obvious by the support in here, that those loving members outnumber the ONE spiteful! I know it only takes ONE to ruin our spirit and defeat us, but remember the Majority that cares and needs you here! :)

I have a feeling.

I'm still. I won't let a discriminator ruin it for me.

It would be sad to lose my mother this way. lol

I guess. thanks for your comments<br />
What I think she attack me because I'm chinese or that I'm a difference color. I think she might be raist too. <br />
I don't.

I would sure miss you..

You have to do a lot more this time to make me stay and not delete my account.

please stay

Now I'm have mix feelings about leaving or staying.

I don't know now. I think I have to rethink.

lol thanks kinkitty and blue. <br />
I appericate your comments. From the buttom of my heart I say thanks.

Yes,,,, I think we all need to use the block button now and again. And the hateful smart***es out there who attack me then block me. Thank you... : ) I don't need them in my circle or commenting on my stuff.<br />
I haven't to many who are blocked but they are sure people I don't miss conversing with.<br />
I use to be hurt by this myself. I am passed that now. <br />
To all who have blocked me. Thank you. lol

I am sorry that you had to deal with this. There's more to EP then just one person and their opinion. I think that you are a good person, and that the other person will be loosing out not getting to know you. <br />
<br />
Kinkitty Hugs to you