I need to apologize because even though I won our little bet, I didn't tell you what the consequences would be if you lost.  I should have said it ahead of time.  I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed by having you post one of our honeymoon pictures as your profile picture.  I know I said your picture would only stay up for a little while and you were under the impression it would be 15 minutes and not three hours.
I certainly didn't mean for two members to faint at seeing your picture or for you to get propositioned by a man. (EP has all kinds, hehehe).
I told you, you are a hottie and I'm glad you are mine.
Anyway, I am sorry for embarrassing you.
I love you so much.
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3 Responses May 26, 2012

Love this!

You are sweet to publicly apologize :)

Since I embarrassed him publicly, I needed to apologize publicly.

Wilde, I was very embarrassed by it. You know I don't stay mad long. I love you too much to really get angry at you. I appreciate the apology and you are forgiven.

Thank you dear.