Sorry Baby Girl

i am very sorry to say im gunna die im over life i found ive failled god as a protechtore i did the best I could ive searched high and low even asked for his help I found her in the worst place possible right when lost all fate there she was looking horrable now trying to prove that it her when she is all lost is work i cant do ...god I tried...mother forgive me for the tears i caused and will cause you...children of the future you were counting on me and I let you down i guess evil has put out my bright light I appologize
AngelTrey AngelTrey
22-25, M
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We are from Essex in east London in England

Your still only young and your indicating that your going to take your own live. If I've got this wrong ime sorry but if not try the following. Take 4 years out and travel across the pond to the uk and work your way back home via France Germany Italy Russia china Australia New Zealand as many of the Paciffic islands as you can and then across Canada And back home wherever that is in the U S