I Did Some Thing Horrible And I Am Very Very Sorry

i was walking around i saw a friend of mine filrting with his gf, "they keep thire relationship a secret but i always find out" when i see a happy couple i get realy jealous and angery and upset i just lost control.

So i went to ruin the romanitc joy i told his gf that we are all teen age guys and all what we care about is sex, he just want sex he don't care ie he is dating a woman or a cow or a bug.
This relationship based on lust not love, i am sure you love him just any other young immature girl you grab and hold on your first love and he don't love back, when he get you pregnant that would the last time you here from him.
Her bf "my friend" was about to punch me stright to the eye but he didn't he is my friend after all.

OMG what have i done?!!
That could ruin every thing, they could break up cuz of me.
I feel terroribly guilty.
I am a horrible persone. Updates: ok story happen about a month ago and i apologized to my friend but not to his gf she hates me and i don't know why and i don't realy like her. saw him talking to 2 of my friends so i joined them i didn't want to talk to him becuse i thought his mad at me and don't want to talk to me, but he asked me about some thing and i answered then we chatted a little and shared so laughters and jokes some of them was making fun of me i am totally ok with it, then i left them. Every thing was going very well but later that day i saw his gf talking to a friend of mine and i had some thing important to give it to that friend, that girl hated me and she always ignore me. I walked straight to them and i spoke with my friend but the strang thing is she looked at me and said "hi Ahmed how are you?" using a different tone, i wasn't realy interested in her she is taller than me and i find tall girls are less attractive but having one more friend wouldn't hurt right? So looks like she forgot the past and trying to open a new page. Suddenly her bf grabed my arm pulling me away and he said "don't you ever talk to her again or bad things well happen" he didn't give me a chance to say any thing. He is trying threat me and he is tall skinny gofy wearing glasses computer freak. Any way i meet her secretly for the past few days why Doing forbidden things is so much exciting? But i thought about it and as much i enjoy that i don't want to cost any affairs i know how much he cares about her and plus i fainally found some one who accepts me for who i am. So i am going to leave them alone.
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What you can do now is apologise to your friend and never do such a thing again ..I have a similar experience where another guy told me to leave my boyfriend because he said that I deserve someone better and my boyfriend could not match in terms of looks. It hurt my Boyf alot and we quarrelled

You are not so horrible if you have a conscience, at least, and feel sorry. We are human. We have all done something selfish some time!

A good thing is that you feel sorry now, it means that your actions were just a mere consequence of jelousy. You are not a horrible person then. A horrible person would enjoy the situation. So, as for your friend and his girl, the best way is to say "I am sorry" not to EP communty but to them. Explain them that you feel lonely and this makes you crazy sometimes, I am sure they will understand and forgive you. As for yourself, you should define why loneliness makes you so upset. It's a deep question but there are some questions to ask yourself: Do you think that a girlfriend will immediately make your life paradise? Do you think that loneliness is something to be ashamed of? Do you think that you are worse than your friend if he has a gj and you dont? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you have incorrect understanding of loneliness phenomenon and have self-esteem problems.