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Sorry I Don'T Know If I Love You Anymore

i am really confuse about what is love anymore. I have been through several relationship but the love just seem to fade away. i have been together with my boyfriend for a few months but now i dont know if i really love him. now there seems to be other people who make this relationship more confusing and complex. currently, the people who are closest to me are my boyfriend, and 4 other guys A,B,C and D.

For me and my boyfriend it was love at first sight, He made me forgot the pain of my past relationship and moved on to loving him. However he will be abit jealous when I am around the other guys. I can understand and try not to flirt around that much. However i still have some mixed feelings. From the first day I know A, he flirted with me and i flirted back. He would comment on my clothes and looks. He liked it when i wore tight miniskirts and low cut tops. I enjoyed being around him alot and would tell him all my secrets. However A is much older than me so i just flirted without being serious. My relationship with B and D are similar, we will talk endlessly and we would hang out together and there is alot of touch in our relationship, like cuddling and hugging. However we are just friends with B, but i feel that i start to like D abit. C is a person who i will confide everything in even more than my boyfriend. I just feel safe telling him all my secrets. I made out with C a few times and started to have feelings for him. However my boyfriend sort of sensed something wrong with C and asked me to stay away from him. I dont know if i should continue flirting with A and B and if i am in love with C or D, when i am alone and lonely i think of my boyfriend but I will also end of thinking of the times spent with C and D. I sort of miss having them by my side. I am really confuse about who I love now
lurvesxx lurvesxx 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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I totally know the feeling... I've been so attached to some guys especially in the past cause we would talk everyday all day and all night and they seemed to understand everything.. Well my best guy friend decided to take that step and were together 5 yrs and at the end all I've got left is a bunch if stories and an ex lol :) it sucks cause once u make that decision there isn't any goin bk I don't think lol good luck babe

It seems to me that ur not ready to slow down just yet, clearly ur boyfriend is the safe one that provides safety and security and so because he is like a loyal lap dog u treat him just the same lol I don't mean to make it sound like ur bad so plz don't take it that way k but anyhow the other letters each interests u in one way or another and if u could use them all like a mr potato head and mix and match then I think u would b all set but sadly I don't knw that they can keep ur attention because u have a deleted past lol I had one as well and just deleted over 2 weeks ago lol lol

Thanks for your view, actually I feel that two of the other guys also give me the security i need and I can trust my secrets with them, but they cant be there for me all the time like my boyfriend. I still want to keep them as friends but I am scared that I am feeling more than just friendship because i miss them when they are not around. Also hopefully you can get over your past, move on and be strong!