Worse thing that could ever happen into your life... Is when past haunts you down like a ghost would do in order to finish its business. That ghost wherein I've treated miserably in the past that I haven't gotten a grip to say sorry. The walls felt like crumbling as the clock seemed to walk down and spread its noise down into my ears. But the remembrance of such thing was too buried that I found myself in question if I did it. But I knew I might... But still I couldn't remember.
All I could bid is a farewell and an apology to that someone I hurt. To L... I'm so sorry And i didn't mean to. But I couldn't change the things I did. And I promise you, it bite back. Still, even tho the punishment was indeed sealed. I have to say "I'm sorry." And i really am..
KarasuEm KarasuEm
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 21, 2016

idk about forgiving you.. deep inside I can but you hurt me so much and I couldn't do anything about it, I felt like we could've had something all those years back but you slammed me down. I felt dead and was about to die

And because of that. I'm really sorry for what I have done. I was selfish before and very ignorant . But as I said. All i could do is be your friend

again idk because I've rarely if ever been that broken

Okay. Then. All i could do is wait til the day you forgive me. And if it makes you happy to rant on me. Why not. I have to learn and pay my faults and for that i am sorry