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To you Dad


I'm sorry i never gave you a chance,

I'm sorry i never really tryed to welcome you back,

I'm sorry i hurt you, but remember you hurt me too,

I'm sorry for the things i did, but what you did was worse,

I'm sorry that the marks didn't fade,

I'm sorry mum left you, and i did too,

but where was you when i needed you,

when it was my first day of school,

when i fell,

when i cryed,

when i was scared,

when i neeeded protecting,

when i was hurt ,

when i needed a hug,

when i wanted to give you a hug,

when it was my birthday,

when it was chrismas?

the thing im most sorry about is the fact im trying to forgive you... and i do.



sorry people is i bpored you but wahoo

LittleLostQueen LittleLostQueen 18-21, F 2 Responses Oct 28, 2007

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well i havent said this to his face and i knoe=w i never will but at least its out of my system..... if you know what i mean

I relate to this too.. I hate thinking or even talking about my dad sometimes. I hate bringing back memories especially if they are bad. I wish I had a dad that wouldn't have hurt me like mine did. Or even a Mom. I don't know..