I Am Sorry.i Wish I Could Tell It At A High Voice.

It's always difficult for people to say I am sorry,but what's more difficult is the feeling of a person who is really sorry.

many times I should have apologized, I did some terrible mistakes, but I really was not able to tell :"I am sorry"

last year, I was talking to my father , and all of a sudden I told him somethings that shouldn't be told, somethings hurt...I went to my room I closed the door I thought about what happend trying hard to convice myself that I was totally right but unfortunately it was in vain...so I turned off the light, and I cried in silence and darkness..I was punishing myself but it didn't work, the feeling of guilt killed me in every second. I told myself that I have to apologize in order to be okey.but I couldn't...

My father forgot everything,and he told me that he knew that I didn't mean it, he's really among the perfect people I've ever met...

yet, everytime I remember this I tell my self:"I should have told him "I am sorry".

holysoul holysoul
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

You are right! I really learnt something important, we have to be careful while dealing with people...<br />
Thank you Vicky, Thank you laurie for your comments <br />