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The story below is REAL news from a REAL mainstream newspaper, published today... only in Africa!

Man pays sangoma to resurrect mom

October 5 2010 at 12:37am 

Independent Newspapers

Sangomas use roots, herbs and other plant materials for their traditional remedies. Photo: Debbie Yazbek


Johannesburg - An Eastern Cape man paid a traditional healer “a lot” of money to resurrect his dead mother, only to have the man disappear, police said on Monday.

“The man deposited the money as required, but his mother did not return from the dead,” Captain Jackson Manatha said.

The 35-year-old Butterworth man had read a pamphlet about the traditional healer, from outside South Africa, who claimed to have powers to resurrect the dead.

He met him in his consulting room, where he was told his mother, who was buried in Tsomo last April, would be resurrected as soon as he deposited money into the sangoma's bank account. Manatha would not disclose how much money he paid.

“A few days later he became suspicious when his mother's grave remained intact,” Manatha said.

When he went to the sangoma's consulting room to demand his money back on Saturday, it was locked.

“The healer had vanished into thin air.”

Police were looking for the man and had opened a case of theft under false pretenses. - Sapa

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Living in South Africa, we had a maidservant who struggled with fertility issues and her husband rejected her. She started presenting 'symptoms' of witchcraft, so we took her to a sangoma who gave her medicines and cast some spells. DId we do the wrong thing by her? I don't know, but later I went on to study anthropolgy at Wits and developed an interest in witchcraft beliefs. In a sense witchcraft rituals are no different to religious beliefs insofar as they exist outside of a scientific model. Science explains how things happen. Witchcraft (religion) explains why. Western culture is also susceptible to 'magical' thinking. More so than we think. For example, if you dress a man in a suit and put him next to an expensive car he looks rich. In the old days, people believed that coming into contact with gold caused jaundice. This is known as the principle of Contagion.<br />
Techniques like this are used in advertising and branding to this day.

This is just like the spam emails we get everyday from "African Leaders" innit? Except it was face-to-face. It is sadly funny !

Hehe... wraithorn, a story like this is such a typical thing here! We suffer many things in this country, but boredom certainly isn't one of them :) I can't read a story like this without wondering who should REALLY be arrested - the "client" for being an idiot, or the sangoma for taking advantage of it!

lol. i agree, only in s.africa could this happen . lol here is a favourite quote of mine which i think is fitting " life is an unrelenting comedy, therein lies the tragedy of it " by Martin Stillwater.