Why Do People Like To Judge When They Should Just Live And Let Live!

I read lots of stories from people in E.P and els wear! One thing that struck me is if people don't try and tell you, to the law of the grate book you are wrong and you must repent yourself! They want to brake you down as a person and feed you to the sharks in the see! All I can say is we have only but one life to live And if we want to have fun we have to act wile we can because life is short and as long as we remind as self there is more in life than just fun we are totally in line with any law in any book! If someone want you to smile with him go and do it! Just remember as long as it's on your term! If you want to check out some guys profile and you don't know if you should just do it you are your own boss just don't let that get you in trouble on your own terms.I like to to look around in all profiles just like walking in a book store and observe all the books and when I;m done I will walk out and close the door behind me with no regrets that I looked at all the books! What I try to say don't visits someones file and then get upset for what you read or saw in the site. You just borrow his time in his site so don't go around and throw stones if you got a pile of stones in your backyard. Enjoy!
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Apr 17, 2011