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The Best And Worse Of Being South African

Let me see now...what is best about being South African....Going to school barefoot,skinny dipping as a child in the rural country,my church,being able to go barefoot any where,Mpumalanga's wonderfull nature,the Cape Mountains....Their sense of humor,The braai on a lovely sommer evening,some people love rugby,I DO NOT...the cute barefoot kids,nice weather....clean water
What I do not like,actually hate of South Africa, is their sanctimonious conservity,eg.their misconceptions on nudism,OUR GOVERNMENT full of corruption,the violence in our townships,the whoremongering of our state president and his six fuc*#ng wifes that WE MUST PAY FOR....Julius Malema,their incompetence in running the country....the bad discipline in our schools,the richer getting richer,the poorer getting poorer....our useless state president and his six fuc*#ng wifes we have to pay for....oh ....did I mention it before....well,one cannot help mentioning it again....and his twenty fuc#*ng children we have to pay for with our tax money,the bankrupt local town councils,the pathetic useless police commisioners....the secret police/protection units abusing their power and their  freeky black vechiles with screetching sirens because they are transporting some corrupt fat minister......,the 75% HIV infected defence force,infecting the rest of Africa....their ignorence  about raping kids in order to cleanse HIV.......LET ME STOP!!!!!!
I gues what I hate,dominates what I love....
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 2 Responses Apr 30, 2012

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love south Africa

Summed it up pretty good