Sa Woman So Reserved...

The only sad thing is that SA woman are still reserved... They are shy for their sexuality, believe the man needs to do all the "hunting" work and that it is dirty to like, talk, crave and ask for sex... :-) Ai!
Ponkerlong Ponkerlong
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where in SA are you


joburg nice how are things out there we only get in UK what they want us to know .I would love to come back spent alot of my life up till I was 20 in SA .

I am not south african but i was raised that men hunt and stuff like this. to me it seems natural and the funny - the times I have put myself out there for my hubby - yeah I get cut down soooo much. so maybe thers a reason why SA women don't do it.

Maybe there is and maybe it is against the "natural flow" of things for woman to go and get a man if they want one but it seems like woman in other countries don't have this attitude that the man must make the first move anymore...

some of them still do they just don't admit it. and yes some of them go after the man, thats why they invented alcohol

Mmmm... I just think it is nice to be "hunted" by a woman for the sole purpose of her wanting my seed...

Indeed! I think may wish they could be honest about their feelings or what they wanna do but are to scared to do so.... and rightly so because here in SA woman are still very quickly labelled as "slutty" or "easy" or "to be used".... Very unfortunate! This country must wake up!

Magrato just proofed me right.... :-)