I read the newspapers often. And like every other South African, I sigh about the inept government, Julius Malema and the increasing price of petrol. I have a good giggle at the Zapiro cartoons, especially the one from this weekend where Zuma's car has the popular 'my family' sticker series on the back of his car. The politics are a joke; almost as bad as our national soccer team. Did you know South Africa's schools has the best soccer program in the world? So why is out team so bad??

Despite this and that increasing feeling of "**** this, I am going to Europe before this place turns into the next Zimbabwe" or "being white in South Africa is a curse", I am drawn into the culture of South African. My father is Welsh and my mother South African, and I have watched my father miss things such as rabbit stew, the country and Welsh rugby with the crazed barbaric fans. When I went oversees, I realized more and more how part of the culture I am. I missed driving on open roads with the sun blazing through the windows, I missed a Sunday braai with chops, wors and a good Castle draft. I missed the beaches where you could just join a game of touch rugby and buy ice cream off friendly street vendors. And I missed the good looking people with their friendly natures and easy charm.

Yes, and there is Table Mountain and the Kruger National Park and blah blah blah... that is for tourists. Nowhere else would I have a huge back yard full of my friends, having a huge kuier with good old Olof Bergh, a good beer and amazing red wine. Steak still has blood in it and you smell like fire when you go home. Our country is so beautiful. Let's look at OUR culture, instead of letting government and politics infiltrate that. Ek is trots Suid Afrikaans!
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Couldn't have said it better myself.

Hmmmm, I am not sure. What you say is apposite; of course it is. But, I you write as someone who has a job, who hasn't been stabbed, whose kids are not in a rubbish school without books, who has not lost a massive road-building tender to an incompetent catering company owned by the sister of the local MEC of Transport & Roads. Do you know what I mean? What you say is valid, but you certainly don't sound like someone who is being utterly ruined by the state. Which is not to say that my life is awful! Don't get me wrong. Neither am I in such despair that I want to pack for Perth. All I am saying is, when I consider just how severe is the catastrophe of our governance and the drastic effect it is having on some people's lives, I cannot quite bring myself to the point of optimism you seem to find in fynbos and brandewyn, if you don't mind me saying so. Nietemin, beste wense; ek dat ons almal rede vir sulke optimisme een dag vind.

Damn you summed this up pretty damn nicely..