Born and raised here in Alabama. I am proud of that fact. I support states rights and the rights of everyone to be EQUAL. No one should be more equal than another. I am not saying share the wealth. You reap what you sew, but the school you attend, the neighborhood you live in, the car you drive and your vote should be equally obtainable, based what you can afford to to provide for yourself and your loved ones. I get angry when I see some narrow minded toothless A**hole in a sheet or baring a Swastika standing in front of MY confederate flag. It does not symbolize slavery nor hatred. It symbolizes a southern nation, tired of the federal government imposing their will and taxes on sovereign states. If the South had won, I think we would have been a country to be proud of. We would have been what the USA pretends to be today. Hopefully one day we will be able to establish true freedom, unencumbered by Washington.
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THANK YOU! finally somebody else but me has said it! The south is a proud nation and should be allowed to raise the confederate flag. It is not a symbol of hatred, but it is not a symbol of the ENTIRE confederacy. The flag you are most llikely talking about is the confederate flag of Northern Virginia, but it is misstaken for the confederate flag.

One more thing (or a couple). I am from Alabama too. I have lived across this country and abroad twice in places always listed in the Top Ten in the travel magazines and sites. When I retired, I hightailed it home. I am so sick of the way the media on every level depicts us ... that corn ponin"', shufflin' po' boy ... the whole nation has bought into that image ... it is in everyone's minds that has never visited here or really know a Southerner ... but tragedy is that we have bought into it ... and kowtow to it. Lets start kickin' some butt in every field of endeavor until people are no longer shocked that we are not stupid ...but most are still shocked.

Yes ... the clan dirtied it.