My work has always been my passion. I am a Hairdresser most of the time, and part time a Register Sports Horse Massage Therapist. (RSHMT). The way I got involved on this two categories stared like this.
I was mariied for almost 16 years, with a Canadian Man. We move on with our lifes, due to his alcoholism and cheatting, consecuence of his alcohol problem. I was 45 years old, when all this changes . Few months before that happened, I realized that this situation wasn't getting any better, so i decided to take action and get prepared to face the future, that was ahead of me. I got into school again, and got myself Certified Hairdresser.

My husband, a year later, decided to move out, and went to live with a 27 year old woman, he had meet. I was Ok a the whole idea, because the respect and love I had once for him, had vanish. This man was a good provider, and at some point never abused in anyway our beautiful daughter, to de contrary, he love her and spoil her most of the time. I like to clear that, this man, was the adoptive father of my child, so he deserve this recognition of been a good father.

Myself in another side, I took responsability of his 3 children he had, out of a marrige that was broken by cancer. When I meet those children, they were a bit wild, unruly, unstable and angry. I was only 30 years old when we decided to combined our lifes and take care of all this children together. Personally, i think we did good job to race His, and my adorable girl.

At last, I feel satisfied with my job, and feel like I had paid back, what ever he did for my girl. I mention all this so, everyone who reads my story, will be able to understand a bit what is been going on with my life. I do considered myself as a good person, I do not drink on a daily basics, my celebrations may be one glass of wine or a beer once in a blue moon.

I meet a man, few months later, of my separation and got involved with him a year after that. This man has been my partner for 14 years. It will be worth to mention, that my husband left me with nothing at all, he declared bankruptcy and gave me nothing to continue my daugther's education.

My life has been a continue strugle an difficult in the money aspect, I work as a hairdresser and my partner is a long distance truck driver. Money is very very tight, and my age and health are not the best anymore.

Now I will will stop right here, and ask you, what is this story going to? what is the main subject? what I have to say as we go on with it? is been interesting and complicaded? or just what? borring, silly, not creative? lack of good spelling, lack of info? (remember English is not my first lenguage and had teach myself the best I can. (No time for EASL) so please don't be to hard on me. I will answer any questions as long they come with kindness. I am willing to take critisism, as this is the only way to learn, but remember I have more to to all and NAMASTE

Aristea Aristea
61-65, F
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To Curious Sgt, I want to thank you for such a kind words, it means alot to me, with all my heart, muchas, muchisimas gracias. Namaste Esperanza