I'm Not A Mexican I'm Spanish. Isn't There A Difference?

my great grandpa is spanish. I speak some spanish but only like an american. People always think because of my name I'm Mexican even though I look white blonde hair blue eyes pale with polish features. Some people really act like spanish is the same thing as Mexican it gets a little insulting to me. I consider myself latino somewhat well half latino. But we're in no way all the same people and we vary as much as anyone else from different countries. Anyone relate?
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Ok from your story, you are an American, and you have the misfortune of having a very large country "Mexico" with a large percentage of people here in the United States who are from that specific country here. So since most people (especially in the USA, are simple minded) they think every Spanish name comes from Mexico, forgetting the history of the world, and that Spain conquered most of the land from southern USA to the tip of Argentina, and several of the Caribbean Islands as well.

Because of a number of factors, the USA has a lot of potential, but most of it's population has no real idea of what it could be, they all want everything "simple" and consequently they are "STUPID". Not your fault, just a truth.

You also have to recall that numbers tell most of the story, we hear every day of more "Mexican's" crossing the boarder, but the other people of Spanish languages do not cross in the same number, so it is harder to actually meet those people, because there are fewer of them.

I agree it feels offensive to me when people think I'm Mexican and I am born and from Puerto Rico .. I was once asked if I speak Mexican .. I wanted to punch them for their ignorance geez . At this day in age!

one speaks castilliano, and the other just speaks mexican~

Hey, if you want to embrace your whatever it is, then say latina :0D I am latina! Latino is for boys. My grandfather was Spanish too. Of course there is the difference, the difference is whether the person who is talking to you is well educated or not. You know what confused me once though? Being told I was not white, I was astonished, because I always considered myself white. I am latin, I have light skin.<br />
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Hey, I speak Spanish like an american too. I believe the majority of the american countries are Spanish speaking ones.<br />
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I know it can feel somewhat insulting to be confused with what you are not, but this sounds to me like this typical thing so many people do: they call somebody "gay" as if that were an insult. You can be Mexican, or Spanish, and it's all good, neither is better. Gay or straight, nothing wrong with either. It's a piece of information about you. And I don't know what it means to act Spanish. But if I think about people, for example, from Asia, I can tell you I am not well informed, so I can easily confuse them all. And that speaks of me and my own lack of knowledge.<br />
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The only 'labels' I use for people are generally 'male' and 'female'.Race or heritage mean nothing to me, we are all human and thats all that matters with me.<br />
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Be at peace