A Colombian Argentenian Mix

I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. My grandmother grew up there, but moved to Bogota where she met my grandfather. My mother grew up in Bogota.

When my mother was 14, they're family was in danger, so the family escaped to Mexico. Unfortunately, my grandfather was shot. They then moved to Texas so my mother and aunt could get a better education. There, my grandmother remarried.

My father grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My daddy can fluently speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and of course English. My dad moved to Hawaii when he was 17 and went to University there. He met my mom, and they lived in Hawaii for 4 years, but my dad lost his job there, but could find amazing work in Barranquilla. They fell in love with it there, and lived together there for two years before having my sister. I was born there and lived there until I was 2. My dad's work moved him back to Hawaii, where they adopted my brother.
I lived there for 4 years and now I live happily in Arizona, married to a handsome white boy of French descent.
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May I wish you happiness in your marriage. I have met quite a lot of Colombians who seem like such wonderful people. I'm sad to hear about violent death in your family.