Whitest Spanish Girl You Will Ever Meet.

I am half Puerto Rican and Half Dominican, a horrible mix, and because of some odd twist of genes, I look 100% white. To make it worse I grew up in a white neighborhood. So I only go for the rice and beans on occassion, and am more of a pasta or potatoes type of person. My family calls me white girl and any person on non caucasian desent describes me and "the whitest spanish girl they have ever met." I truly don't mind, and it has it's advatages. Like when spanish people are saying something hilarious or embarrassing and they continue with their conversation because they don't know I speak spanish fluently. It can also be awkward, like when I visit my family in the Dominican Republic and my little cousins asks me what color I am, because they're all dark and I am as pale as a ghost. All in all, I am proud to say I'm spanish, and it comes in handy when random people need translators, some little white girl just stands up and says, "Hey! I can help."
AliceMalice AliceMalice
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013