Canciones De Mi Padre

I love my culture.  I defiantly originated from Spain and grew up with all the music and food that goes with being Spanish. My parents speak fluently, I can understand be can not speak Spanish however.   I remember all the weddings and having family over all the time.  I used to be embarrassed because I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood.  Now that I am older I truly appreciate my heritage.

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My father immigrated to the US before I was born, but he still has a brother who lives in Madrid , but they are originally from Cespedosa de Tormes. <br />
My mother was born in the US, but was forced to move to Spain at the age of 15 when her parents decided they couldn't make it here during the depression. <br />
She married my dad while she was there & had my older sister then moved back to the US because things were so awful over there. <br />
She hated being Spanish, too many people had nasty conceptions of Spaniards, so she never let me speak Spanish even tho everyone else in the family spoke it!<br />
She even tried bleaching my facial skin so I wouldn't always stick out in classroom school pictures!! LOL! <br />
I actually always loved it once I got older in high school because I was the only "real" Spanish girl in Spanish class! Everyone always thought I was Italian since we lived in an area that was largely Italian and Polish.<br />
I love my heritage & hate that my children and their children will never be able to appreciate it the way I do, and will never have the memories of la familia getting together & dancing the Jota while my grandmother played the tamborine & sang. <br />
Hopefully someday I can go there to see where my father lived & meet his side of the family.<br />
I do resent the fact that my mother didn't let me speak it, nowadays it would be a blessing!<br />
Viva Espana! Ole`!

Oooh I would love to visit Spain! I can trace my ancestry back to Spain! I 'm half Mexican, but my dad's family originated in Spain! :)<br />
<br />
Hell Ya!! Be proud of your heritage, because it's who you are!