Spanish and German!

Sometime in the 19th century, my Spanish ancestors migrated to south Germany from a village in Castille and married my German ancestors. They were strongly attached to their cultural traditions and shared Catholic faith, which bonded the two aspects together.

During the profane racialist Nazi period, some of them were made to feel the effects of their obviously less than 100% German ethnicity. This came in the form of prejudices by some local authorities obsessive of the myth of "racial purity" (even though Spaniards were just as white as the Germans).

My father immigrated to America in the late 1950's and I was born nearly three decades later. But despite this, I was always left with a lasting impression of where and from whom I came from. I celebrate my heritage as an expression of who I am.

SJobst SJobst
22-25, M
Mar 25, 2009