My mother gives bedtime spankings. I am sent to my room put in pajamas. 30 minutes before bed she comes into my room bares my bottom and uses her hair brush on me
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My father got very angry because I didn't tell him I was going to a school dance. What he doesn't understand is that all the other kids make fun of me for being such a goody goody. And so I couldn't take the embarrassment anymore. I went to the dance. I hated going and didn't even enjoy it. i just tried to avoid becoming the school joke. And I was so quiet when I came in the house. I knew it was late and I even thought to sleep outside but then I decided to crawl into my window and just head to bed. taking my clothes off under the covers. Soon my mom came inside and i am not sure if she knew that I was home three hours late but sh said nothing except for closing my window all the way. My heart was beating like crazy. But I was happy because she left - I heard her close the door and checked just to make sure she was gone. She wasn't. She pretended to close the door from outside but it was actually inside. Then she smiled and came over and I was really shaking and she tried to be calm and understanding which just made me panic more. And then she came over and stroked my hair very kindly and said: "it's best if you put all your cloths nicely on the table so they don't get wrinkled. Your dad will be up here soon and I think it's wise if your pants are folded over nicely. Please put your shoes away as well. You can keep your t-shirt on. You are too old to have your breasts needlessly dangling when your father comes in to thrash you. Just for your information missy, all the doors are locked this time and the window is now bolted and locked as well so I wouldn't try sneaking out". And with that she padlocked the window grate. Then she said, I have 5 minutes to prepare myself and that I shouldn't irritate my father when he comes or senselessly plead because he vowed to double my punishment if I do that. Then my mother left me a glass of water by the bed and told me I could drink it. She smelled booze on me and said that it likely means that after the belt and ping pong paddle dad might be using a real switch he had cut from the garden earlier that evening when he realized I was late by several hours. She left my room. 5 minutes later, the door opened again. It was her again and not my father. She was bringing in a bucket of water and my grandmother's old heavy hairbrush and a wooden spoon in addition to the other things she said my dad was bringing. By this time, I was crying... actually I really begged her to please help me and she just came to pet my hair saying I earned it and it would be good for me. I couldn't take her condescending niceness knowing what I was going to get and I called her a sadist and pushed her away. She said she's make a note of that... I screamed 'please don't* but just then my dad had entered. He asked 'don't what?*. I said 'it was nothing... just mom I mean she was being nice and I said this is my own fault so I'll pay for it myself'. My dad laughed and said he heard the conversation and I would be getting 30 extra for lying and 20 extra fro what I said to my mom. My mom at this point for the first time really did plead for me but my dad said 'you agreed to let me handle this my way for once.' My my said yes and was about to leave the two of us... I begged her to stay but she ignored it. My dad then said. Yes' 'your mother should e here for this'... 'it's a good idea'. And with that he told me to bend over the bed. I could keep my shirt on but below I had only my panties and socks. Then my dad asked my mom to take a seat on my back so all she saw was him and my butt... and all I could see when I looked over my shoulder was my mother's back. Then my dad took out the wooden spoon and brought the bucket of water closer. First he touched my panties with the spoon and then suddenly started to strike my butt. But it felt horrible. He kept swinging and swinging and didn't switch sides but kept coming sown only on my left cheek in the same spot over and over. He was hitting hard and fast. My mother pushing her entire weight onto my back so all I could do was buck with my feel and stretch them but I was unable to wiggle from side to side. He did not ask me to count like he sometimes did but bruised my left cheek over and over.I was screaming so hard I couldn't breath and felt like I might pass out. Next my father told my mom to pull down my panties. I heard my mother audibly gasp when she saw what color was under my panties. She touched there I think but it felt so hurt and almost numb. Next my dad brought the bucket closer and sponged the area he had hit. Then full force he beat me with the paddle till several times till it was dry... again only on the same cheek even though I was desperately trying to get him to hit the other one. He dried my butt with the paddle and then rinsed it again with water and repeated the same stinging process like 16 times which meant 5 to 6 hits each time and 16 times with water.. My mom noticed the welts and I got hysterical from the pain when she touched there to cool me down and then my dad decided to tie my legs with the long jump rope, and pulled the other end under the bed so it came up where my hands were. He tied it very tight around my hands so now I felt like an animal wrapped around my own bed face down. He asked my mother to get up and she did cautiously waiting to see if I could move but I really wasn't able. Then my mom put three pillows under my stomach and one that went under the groin. My dad felt my stomach fro some reason and noticed that I was sweating a lot under my arm and my shirt was drenched under the armpits. it felt so humiliating. Also I was still crying so hard that when they moved my stomach up, I farted once and both of therm heard I'm sure. I apologized a lot but the said nothing to apologize for - this wasn't something I was responsible for. Then they said only they could open the window if it smelled bad... and I knew what they meant - it would be horrible if others were driving into the parkign lot if the window was open they would hear the beating so I begged them not to... They were nice enough to listen. Then my dad, asked my mom to step aside and started strapping me non stop and very hard with 2 seconds between each hit. The whole thing lasted forever. He strapped only the second cheek this time and did the water thing again, this time with the belt and it stung like crazy. Then the last 10, he was hitting the sensitive spots on my thighs and my mom held my leg open a bit so he could hit also the inside 4 times. Then while I was still blubbering and begging, suddenly he stopped and undid the ropes. I knew this was the worst beating I had ever gotten. And that's when he told me that we are about half way through. When I got up out of bed, he asked me to open the window and stick my head outside. My mom unlocked it and I did. He lowered the top of the window on my back and pulled down the curtains so all the people outside could see was my face and upper body as if I were just looking outdoors in the nighttime. Then just when a car drove by, while I pretended to be casually smiling as it passed, my dad began to cut at me with the birch twigs. I tried desperately not to scream but almost died when the car stopped and my friend's dad waved at me and started to roll down the window. Mt dad meanwhile hit twice but not so hard now - and brushed my botttom with te twig as if he could start up at any moment. I told Mr. Krausner that I was just enjoying the moon. My mom was disgusting with her jokes and I heard her say 'we're enjoying the moon too' while I felt my dad examining my behind. Krausner was about to leave but because I thought keeping him there longer might prolong my break, I asked him how his daughter was doing and if she was going to the weekend trip. He started to answer and my dad - realizing what I was doing - started to hit me full force with the jump rope itself, while my mother made sure to hold the frame of the window down. I couldn't take smiling and started screaming.... After 8 full whips with the jump rope, my mom opened the window and my dad leaned out while my mom held my hair... My dad just told him: she knew very well what she was doing when she struck up a conversation. We were in the middle of punishing her for going out drinking and to a dance even though we explicitly told her not to... Krausner didn't say anything. Then feeling sorry for me said: don't blame her for me hanging around. It was my fault. I started to talk to her and I'm sure this is embarrassing enough that she'll learn a lesson... honest, i feel really bad about this." My dad went to the window and explained that this has been going on a long time and that of course, it's very nice for him to show concern and he's a good man but that I deserve this and it won't be worse because of this meeting... then they said good night and he left. We closed the window,The next minute my dad grabbed me by the face and slapped my face 3 times very hard. Then he made me kneel across the chair and tied my hands to the chair. He said my shananigans with Krausner will cost me. My mother put a sock in my mouth - the first time in my life I was gaged and it was taped across my face and then the second part of the beating started. Slower than last time but my dad alternated between equipments. First he hit me with a rug beater full force several times ...luckily i didn't have to count ...then he used his belt again and then the switch... Then they untied me and told me to kneel by the bed upright. My mom was allowed to apply some cream... I hated it because it just hurt more and I could barely stop crying. Even when I wasn't thinking I was crying my tears kept coming. Then my dad said that i will be in this position for at least 30 minutes or an hour depending how he feels and aftr that he will continue the beating. I couldn't believe what he just said. In the end, he decided not to continue that night but told me I will have another session tomorrow. Anyway, I feel like I want to die. f I ever have to go through this again. I will kill myself. Or I will run away. I can't believe i got this punishment the hardest of my life except for 2 years ago... -

My Stepmother thought it "did me good" to have to wait for my spankings. I was spanked, at your age, and often had to wait for hours until bedtime or when she was "ready" to take my panties down!

A hairbrush spanking on the bare hiney at bedtime from mom. Just like so many other girls all over the world.