Punished By My Wife

I am regularly pnished by my wife with her cane. It is usually for not doing housework properly or leaving my bedroom untidy. She usually discovers this when she comes home unexpectedly early and I have not done my jobs by the time I should.

She takes me into my bedroom and I take down trousers and underpants, I lie across my bed and she gives me either 6 or 12 hard strokes with her cane depending on what it is I am being caned for.

Then I usually get an early bedtime from her, about 9pm.

Any other husbands in this situation?
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

im spank weekly just about

my wife if i dont do chores in the house the way they should be she allways checks up on me if not done proper she will cane me over the bed

I to get caned but get a long, probably not as hard caning. My wide will warm me up with a leather paddling before I get 20 strokes with each of our 7 canes. I will then either get another round or shell pick 3 canes and give me 10-20 really hard strokes which get me squirming around.