Dear Diary,This is the tale of my life as cinderella

Once upon a time i was born 1990 i am french who am i?I lived upon the riches with my dear mother and father they were always so kind to me i loved them like the loved me they always read me stories about a princess my favorite one is about the cinder girl who turns into a beautiful princess i wished i was like her every night on every star and that came true my dear mother was battling depression so she hung herself now it was only me and dear father we did every thing together but it wasnt the same without dear mother one day my dear father married a cruel lady with 2 daughters and a pet Bird after the wedding we took a family picture and stepmother dropped her flowers and I picked them up and snap the photo was done so I stood back up for the photo but it was already taken that next day me and dear father were at home with cruella and meanie stepsisters which were a year older then me and stepmother posioned fathers drink and I saw and she saw me and she said shoo child shoo so I hid behind the wall so I told dear father not to drink it and he said why I said don't yet he still drunk it from that day on everything changed I was to move my stuff to the attic with all the storage so I cleaned up the attic and then I was told from now on I be cooking cleaning mopping sweeping doing laundry folding clothes grooming pet and dusting rooms and then stepmother told me to take off my silly dress and put a new tattered dress on with holes and stains and cinder marks on it so I put the dress on I was only 11 that day
i went to sleep in rags sobbing and stepmother heard me and said Hush Child but i was still crying but softly i missed my father so much and that i was in rags i cried all night the next morning there was this new rule that if they didnt like something or i didnt do my chores i would get spanked they never liked any thing i did so i got spanked often well when i was washing the dishes there bird flew out the cage and took one of the spoons out o the bucket and dropped it on the floor and kept doing it then i kept picking them up and it kept dropping them so wwhen my stepmother and stepsisters heard they scolded me and my stepmother grabbed me by my ear and brought mme to her bed chamber and she got her slipper and spanked me hard until my bottom was red then she pinned my dress up and told me not to let my dress down until i get permission from her then as i walk back to doing my chores my stepsisters laugh at me suddenly my face is as red as my bottom i got back to doing my chores right before BAM CRASH I go to my room and see my favorite snow globe from dear mother and father shattered on the floor and my stepsisters laugh then my stepmother came in and said CLEAN UP THIS MESS ANTOINETTE!!!!!!!!While Simone and Annalise stood there snickering so I cleaned it up and went to bed I woke up early while they were sleeping
it was a peaceful morning so i went downstairs and go boil some water for the tea for breakfast
then I look at my fairy on fireplace and smile then stepmother and stepsisters come down and they want breakfast so I serve them breakfast then I hear a loud knock on the door I go to the door just to be rudly pushed out the way by simone and annalise and stepmother and I hear them scream WERE GOING TO A PARTY WERE GOING TO. PARTY they got 4 invitations because thats how much stepmother requested the party was to be hosted by a mystery man I asked tepmother could I go she said only  I finish my chores and find a dress so I finished my chores and started searching for a dress so got dear mothers dress it was beatiful and perfect condition so I took that andher heels to wear and when I got downstairs they were just about to leave but I got there then simone said HEY THOSE ARE MY HEELS GIVE ME THEM annalise  HEY THATS MY NECKALACE then they ****** it off of me and stepmother ripped peices of dress of and said she had enough then they left and I ran up to my room crying then suddenly the door opens was my dear  best friend she always told me dear mother died I would be able to live with her but since the marriage she only visited 1 time a year then she said what's wrong I told and she and Walked to her house
She picked out a new dress for me and some heels and a mask I put that all on and she told me to be back before 1:00 AM and spent hours dancing with. Gentle man and then my stepsister pulled my mask off and stepmother saw me and i ran all the way home from the mansionwhen i got home stepmother spanked me with the slipper 40 times then 10 with the hair brush and she said ill have more chores and i wont be fed breakfast lunch or dinner tomorrow so she locked me in my room and i kept saying plzz let me ooouuut while i was sobbing and banging on the door while she walked away luckly i keep food in my drawer so i ate it and went to sleep the next day i did my chores and fixed mothers dress after i was done.Sorry Dear Diary i have not talked to you it has been 6 years since father left the world Dear diary i must hide you if stepmothers finds you there no telling what could happen.One day it was a dream come true a loud knock on the door woke us all up stepmother opened the door it was a man hhe asked have you seen this girl stepmother said no but there i was right in the back round and he saw me and he shoved stepmother away and he took my hand and took me somewere safe were I would Always be safe away from stepmother and my stepsisters and we lived happily ever after Now my Dear Diary is in a safe with Dear mother best friend Anna And Anna has burried it safe underground

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That's one mean stepmom sorry she spanked u so much !!!

is it really true

That is a sad story, I hope things are going better for you now.

I think she said its fantasy