An Old Enemy And A New Evil


AN OLD ENEMY AND A NEW EVILThe evening began as it always does. After some conversation, I got into position over his knee. He was playing a mix CD that I had created him the night before. I could tell as he swatted away on my behind that he was thoroughly enjoying the music. They were a variety of carefully selected songs ranging from rock to country. 12 songs in all lasting a total of 42 minutes! That was the length of time I was over his knee. He worked me over thoroughly making sure that it was a bright shade of red. Before it was over he had me squirming. About halfway through I could feel the passion of what he was feeling. Just by me being over his knee and him applying his hand with various levels of speed and intensity brought him almost to ******. I smiled despite the pain in my *** because I wanted to please him.The next stage started very tender. He leaned down and gently took my face in his hand and kissed me very passionately. Slowly he ran his hand down and found my womanhood. He started rubbing and probing while attacking my nipples. Gingerly I slid both of my hands behind my back to use as restraint because I knew that it would get extremely hard to not try to fend off the attack that was coming. He delivered a few hard smacks to my private area. Then it was time for a break. I was trying to decide if I was going to go for a smoke when he asked me if I needed it. To which I replied “I want it.” He looked me in the eye and said, “yes but do you NEED it?” I thought for a moment and decided the truthful answer would be no.We got up and headed to another room so we could use the spanking bench. That bench has brought me much pleasure and much pain. Which it would be today was completely up to him. After cuffing me to the bench, he spanked me some more with his hand and with a leather strap. Then he stopped. I was unsure of what was to come. My feelings quickly went from anticipation to trepidation when I saw out of the corner of my eye what he held in his hand. I only caught a partial glance but I knew what it was. We had talked about it before and he knew I was fearful of this particular instrument. “I have never used this on you and I know you are fearful of the cane, but I am going to show you that you do not have to fear it.” I could feel myself visibly start trembling. I trust him and I know he will not hurt me but that doesn’t make the apprehension any less. But being a good little sub and wanting to please him, I submitted. He began and with each stroke he explained the feeling each would render. He showed me that the cane does not have to always sting and hurt, though He did let me feel the sting of it as well. He used it very skillfully delivering swats to my backside, the back of my thighs and yes even my private parts.This is where we get to the first part of the title of this story. “An old enemy”!  After facing my fear of the cane, and thinking “hey that wasn’t that bad”, fear crept back into me as I heard the familiar sound of his belt unbuckling and sliding through the belt loops of his jeans. “I am going to spank you with my belt simply because I want to.” Again, I submitted because that is what I do. He delivered several swats to my backside and thighs. Too many for me to count! I was squirming and begging him to stop “Please No, Please” I cried but all my pleas were ignored. I began trying to move from side to side to get out of the line of fire, but this only landed another hard swat. Just as I was near tears and very nearly over the edge, he bent down over me to whisper in my ear. When he whispered in my ear, I started to shiver because that absolutely drives me crazy with arousal. Using a soft feathered implement he rubbed my battered behind. I relaxed, sure that the worst was over.  The last part of this story’s title, “a new evil” came in the form of a set of clamps called a zipper. We soon found out that I could not take it on my breast. So instead he clamped each nipple and put the chain that ran between them in my mouth. Then he applied the zipper, which was comprised of 8 separate clamps tied together by a chain, to my labia. The first time he removed them with one sweeping motion. Because of the pain in my nipples the sensation of the labia clamps didn’t illicit the reaction he wanted. He then removed the nipple clamps and I cried out as the blood rushed back in. Now that I had no other distractions, he applied the zipper again to my labia. This time he pulled them off slowly which was a new kind of pain/pleasure all at the same time.He reached over and grabbed what I think was a rubber spatula with a wooden handle. He used both ends of the spatula to spank the inside of my thighs and my vagina. The pain was intense and I could keep my legs spread. I was red and swollen and every nerve ending was on fire. I lay there grasping the rope that my wrists were cuffed to, and he said “Are you going to submit to the zipper once more?” For a moment I lay still thinking that maybe it was time stop, but the submissive in me wanted to obey. Slowly I spread my knees once more giving him the access he requested. “That’s my good girl!” he said “what a good little sub I have.”
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5 Responses Jan 10, 2010

Oh believe me Taken, the one and only time I have used the safe word was with this old enemy the first time it was presented to me once again. Thank you for your comment.

Oh Oupa, it never stopped being my enemy, I just hadn't had contact with it in a while.

Entertaining story and well written my friend! Thank you.<br />
Just be careful, as you progress the old enemy might become a new enemy again!!!<br />
Bye, Oupa

Yes I am progressing nicely. I have an excellent trainer and tormentor. As time goes by I am sure my experiences will as well.

Old Enemy and a New Evil. I would have thought your tormentor was far more evil than any of the implements used on your sweet body. By your writings it sounds like you are progressing in your ability's and training. Enjoy the journey.<br />
Bye for now.<br />
Be well and Safe.<br />