All Special Teenagers Come Here !

Dear Readers,

Occult Academy is trying to gather all the Teenage Vampires, Werewolves, Pshycics, Witches, Dreamers, Mind-readers and all those teenagers who are unique and secial.
We're giving a chance to the Wannabe's and who wants to know about them to take a close look at this hidden mystery of the word. Please give your contribution in the group " I Am Special Teenager "
Leave a comment there if you're that special one or want to learn about them.

Thank you.
Occult Academy
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18-21, F
8 Responses Feb 11, 2013

I am a mind reader and a dreamer

I'm telekinetic, it's kind of a new thing but I can drop a few tips.

Does wiccan count? I mean i feel like I'm special, but... doesn't everyone?

i used to be a psychic vampire until i was changed into a witch. enjoyin every day of it!

Im a wolf therian. Does that count?

how can i bacome a vampire??

A real vampire or anything else would not come.

Okay i'm here !