I Have Telekinesis

I've had it since i was about 8 sometimes i can lift myself an inch in the air or sometimes just a cup. The heaviest thing ive mind-lifted is a old rope toy . Almost nobody knows about my telekinesis except my boyfriend and my diary . One day in class i lifted my teachers water bottle in the air so now every body thinks its haunted ... lol.....
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A bit of advice stop talking about this ability. There are many people out there that will do anything to get a hold of you and use your ability for nefarious purposes. In fact I'm actually frightened for you that just that will happen. Do not ask me how I know I just know in fact it's why I don't talk much about being sensitive and I don't mean emotion wise!

wow ! Thanks for sharing your experience. I was planning on leaving this site but some of you people are good enough to respond seriously. :D

Oh. Thank you

when i was younger i wished i could do what you do but for all the wrong things, if what your telling us is true you have made me young again

Your welcome

There is a way youcan develope telekinesis naturally or you can be born with it

Did your abilities come naturally or is it something you learned ?

It happens when im feel extreme emotions such as anger beacause all the extra energy in my body is moved into another object

Have you ever recorded your activities ?

I've tried but it kinda wacks up the camera