Tell Me Your Powers :)

Everyone has got some special powers here. I've talked to various witches and healers and they were quite great :)
Tell me, what are you ?
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I am a shape-shifter, a full-blooded witch and a bender of the elements. Also I can sense other's emotions and read their mind involuntary, usually happens when someone is troubled.

I have telekinesis. I can also heal.

Well I can create nightmares and give them to people through touch; I can see and speak with spirits; I have a guardian unlike any you have ever heard of he's 8ft talk, skinny, eats dark souls, and make you do thing against your will he doesn't talk much just stares at me he was scary at first but he's been by my side for nine years so I got use to it; I can read people's emotions not like a normal way I don't control it its like when you feel the bass of a stereo you can hear and feel it, it's like that but with emotions; If your having a bad dream I can send you aim of a white wolf with autumn eyes or that's what people describe it as; there are these demons with no eyes in black robe trying to get me but they only come during full moons; and this spirit or something keeps coming to me at night insisting I open the door, to look at the door, that I'm the only one who can open the door; I can tell what your greatest fear is by touching you and looking into your soul; I'm cursed forever to have nightmares never had a good dream in my life; I can leave my body but can't go very far from it yet still working on that; I can tell if I'm a werewolf or something else because it feels like something's trying to get out of me and I can't take my eyes off a full moon plus I bite things when I'm made

I'm a shapeshifter

I am a skinwalker.

Yeah its called being human and its pretty awesome having such a great brain let's you think of so many ways to get out of a bad situation and having opposable thumbs makes it all the better so we can use tools effectively oh and the brain gives us Tue ability to come up with new ideas to make new tools from other materials I love bein human

Well I personally am a polymorph, and I can make a shield that blocks all powers including physical. I'm a telepath. I'm an empath. I have energy manifestation. Plus a lot of others.

You're lieing if you had these powers you'd be government property at this very moment.

If I was lying, I wouldn't have put it up on here. I'm not the type to lie. Sure I do lie, because if I said I don't lie. Then I would be lying, but I don't lie about this stuff. I do have these powers, and if you want to insult me by saying that I'm lying. Then go on ahead. I'm not trying to be mean, but you just accused me of lying. Which is not what I do on here.

The Government can\'t touch us. They could if we used our powers to commit crimes, but we still have our rights.

Wow. You people have excellent powers :)

Thank you. :)


It must be really great power. Can you enlighten it a bit ?

I dont know ill try though