Today'S Topic: Demons And Other Satanic Powers.

Have you ever encountered a demon? Can they mess with the mind of normal people? Are they strong enough to defeat other supernatural beings like witches,werewolves, etc.
Some people characterize werewolves, vampires and even witches among satanic groups( though I don't believe in that). So do you think that satanic powers control any of these beings? Do you feel lonely among all the humans or have you blend yourself among humans? Why do you share the secret of your powers on internet ( though I t is very useful) when you know that people will either laugh on you or you can stuck in a big problem?
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2. Yes
3. Depends on the being and the demon. I can handle some but there are others I know would put me on my ***.
4. Demons are of satanic origins. Other than demons it is a choice a being makes. What they are prior to that (witches, vampires, etc.) Is completely unrelated.
5. Not that lonely. I have my pack and have learned to blend in with society very well. Az can attest to this.
6. I share what I choose because I don't think any should have to go through what I did alone.
7. It does not impact my life if they believe me or not and there are very few potential threats from the internet given I share little abput my personal life and I am highly capable of dealing wuth physical threats.

Well really anything unholy is already satinatic , so yeah

A lot of things like witches and werewolves are not satanic. With a lot of them, it was not their choice to be what they are. I have met a few. I am a skinwalker.

Wolves, vampires and white witches (wiccans) are not satanic. Their abilities come from their genetics and nature, their connection to the elements and their spirits. I feel fairly lonely amongst humans. Only my mate can make me happy to talk to me and keep me company. I share myself on the internet because I don't have many people like me near me, so it's a good way to connect. People could drag you into a huge problem or laugh at you anyway, so I don't really see much of a difference

I say satanatic powers should include : witches,wiccans,shamans,demons,and wizards and exclude: werewolves,vampires,werecats,and anything else not in the "include" list

Okay quick tip : dont use the word magus around 13 year olds without explaining it please .....

Yeah. I think that magus can be included in Satanic power.

I make this mistake to its very easy to get mixed up on concepts like this

And i apoligise for my sister , once she thinks something , its practically carved in stone and she will find any way to make a a good theory

Are you saying im hard headed ???????????


Shamanism isnt satanic, I know first hand what a demon is capable of, and shamans do know interact with demonic beings, they revolve around the spiritual realm and around earths nature. you shouldn't through ones who do not belong in the demonic category in with the other one that envolve people interacting with demons.

christians dont understand, that even if something doesnt follow their way of life, doesnt make it unholy, many ways of life doesnt follow the christian path but are still humble and peacfuls paths, I myself come from a catholic family but i am a shaman.

I really didnt mean to put shaman in there i got mixed up i meant to put shaman in the exclude , box

And most of the things i wrote in the comment are mixed up and im sorry , iknow it only counts as unholy if they chose to , but my computer got mixed up and therefor wrote things in thewrong order

mk just makin sure, then ok your good with me XD

Okay mist

I dont think you met my sister , graciella

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Demons are masters of the air therefore they are purely mental and will often appear as a black gaseous glob if you ever get to see one in raw form. They are unstoppable once they have control over your mind and can crush your very soul with a flick of their finger.

how do you know so much about them?

Yeah. It seems pretty fiction. Have you met anyone ? Can they take any form they want ?

This is fiction , only part they got right was the name