Today'S Topic : Have You Met Any Other Supernatural Being ?

Have you met any other species?

( E.g. If you're a witch then tell me about the other creatures you've met apart from witches.)
occultacademy occultacademy
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5 Responses Feb 21, 2013

Werewolf,witch, vampire , werecat , mermaid , magus, demon, skinwalker, dreamer, telekinekic boy , yeah , theres more i just dont feel like naming them all

I am a skinwalker.

I have met a lot of things. I have met witches, shapeshifters, vampires, and a few other things.

Werewolf,werewolf,werewolf,werewolf and another werewolf , and a angel but i dont think that counts .....

Wolf and vampire. Seen a mermaid but that's about it really.

I 've met a werewolf,mermaid and um .... a vampire . I think a werecat but im thinking it was an open-eye dream .....