Valentines For One: Why Not :)

 for the first time in 7 yrs i will be single for valentines day. what is this holiday without your significant other? simply put, its a day spent alone with the harsh realization that you have no one.....**** THAT!!!

single people should take this day to look at all those unoriginal couples in the 'seasonal' isle at the supermarket and be damn glad they're not wasting their money on chocolate hearts, flowers that will undoubtedly die, or gay *** bears that say 'i wuv you' (because apparently everything, including your teady bear, develops a speech impediment during this holiday). who really needs all this mushy, mushy hoopla? why not rent a horror movie. and not just any horror movie, the one where everyone dies at the end. i mean, you cant feel bad about sitting alone on your couch when you just watched seven people get eaten by zombies! infact, it kinda makes you feel glad that you are where you are.

so, to all those spending money on frivolous gifts that say 'be mine', i just want to say Happy Valentines Day (and **** you). and to those without significant others, what are you gonna do? sulk over being alone OR watch zombies eat everyone on your t.v. screen.....personally, i'm choosing zombies!


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Just once
Lets pretend
That you and I
Are more then just friends

And that you really are
My Girlfr!end
Let's r@le play
Sweethearts in love
On Valentine's Day

I couldn't agree more!! I'm spending my second V day alone and it doesn't get any easier! I think I get good and drunk tonight!!!!

lol! agreed!! whilst i am in a relationship, i hate valentines day - always have. it's all a commercial ruse designed to make the consumer spend as much money as possible! bollocks to that!! its rubbish, love is free every day of the year and wherever you find it, not just between 'couples' on one particular day of the year! i am actually insulted if my bf buys me anything on this particular day (specifically anything fluffy or with hearts or flowers on it)!!<br />
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my best valentines day's have been spent with my single friends, out on the town - celebrating our uniqueness and love for one another!!!<br />
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hope you have a great day, enjoy it no matter what you do. ;-)

Enjoy your day, Whatever you do!<br />
<br />
Go for a walk and take in Nature's Beauty!<br />
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Valentines is just another Commercial Day!

im right beside ya sister..wanna watch the devils rejects ? lol and then we can go toilet paper all those beautiful homes filled with that smusy musy love poop ..just fur fun ..yup im feelin it too...aim

yep, and i've already promised them cupcakes! but i am gonna watch a zombie movie once they go to where everybody dies ;^)

Seriously though, I don't care for any of that nonsense either.<br />
I can't say I would turn down chocolate :)<br />
<br />
You are hardly going to be alone, Antiyou.<br />
You've got 3 pretty cool little valentines to keep you company.

haha....ewww ;P

I wuv you,<br />
Antiyou !