God's Spirit Dwells In Me and He Is Greater Than the World.

Whenever I'm up against problems, pressures, or stress I remember that, "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the World."

I may not have all the answers, but I have a Savior who does. He never leaves me or abandons me. His Spirit is living in me all the time.

He gives me fresh hope. I am nothing without him, but with Him I can do all things.

I am here on this Earth to serve him and worship at his feet. Nothing can take me away from Him. Nothing.

He is my Everything. He supplies all I need.

He will not tolerate idolatry. There shall be no other God's before Him.

His Life is inside me. He fills me up with his love until I am overflowing. Rivers of his life-giving breath overflow out of my belly.

He speaks new life. He uses my mouth. He uses my hands to minister healing.  He gives me new revelations to reveal his Truth.

It's Him in me. He does it all. He has a wonderful plan to save the World. He has a wonderful plan to save the sinner.

He calls all who are lost, "Come here. Find life. Find new meaning. Let me in to live in you. I will give you new life and life more abundantly. Just put aside anything you put before me and run after me. Do not look back. For I will save you. i will free you. I will give you new hope. I will heal all your diseases and I will heal your land if you will only follow me and choose to serve me. I am a jealous God. I will not tolerate your idols or the things you put before me. But you will find i am more than enough for you. I can give you your hearts desires. Give you my heart and my desires. Come to me, and you will find your way. I give rest to the weary and water to the thirsty. I love you. I have been running after you because you are precious to me. Come let me help you. Let me fix your life. Let me wipe you clean. Let me take away your shame. Let me give you new hope. Let me give you life abundantly. Let me give you all things beautiful."

It's Him in me. He is my Savior. He is my Redeemer. He is my Rescuer. He is my Restorer. He restores all things lost. His words are Life to me. His touch and his love is like nothing I have ever felt. Nothing else matters. All losses do not compare to His wonderful glory. I will sing his praises forever. Selah.

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So beautiful and so anointed and Holy Spirit led~ Praise God in the good and the bad! It is never in vain! God is faithful! I have to share this :)

I REALLY NEEDED that message. I have been having some rough times lately. I got hurt on my job and had to have back surgery. I also fractured my foot on the same job and then I was fired. I lost my car and my home and now I unemployed and looking for work. The LORD WILL bring me out! If anyone can help me, send your prayers and gifts to 308 N 40th Ave. Hattiesburg, Ms. May God bless each of you....young Preacher trusting the Lord!

When i [JOHN]read what you posted,it make me to eulogize GOD for his word and love.

Whatever your sponsor {live phychic readings] is paying you I will pay you the same to remove it.<br />
Signed John Stallard. www.peelsoupkitchen.com <br />

We all need to be aware of innocent looking dangers.

Speaking of idolatry, I saw a peice on the news last night about a cute little elf doll. I think it's a real problem. Before you know it, children will be PRAYING to these things. Mark my words. Tell your friends that this isn't just a cute game. It's cleverly disguised idolatry! <br />
<br />
It is called "Elf on the Shelf; A Christmas Tradition". It is a little elf doll that you place on a shelf. You tell your children that the elf is like a watchdog for Mr. Santa Clause. Every night the elf goes to the northpole and reports back. The next morning, the elf is to be relocated in a new position in the house (the parents have to move him). The kids wake up every morning anxious to search where the little elf doll will be. The parents encourage the children to talk to the elf doll and tell it what they would like for Christmas. The parents also use the elf doll to keep the children from acting badly, as "the elf is watching!". <br />
<br />
Here is a clip from the website, <br />
------------------------------<br />
"Over the years the tradition was perfected and rules were even introduced. For example, to better preserve his mystique the children were not allowed to touch him; however, they were allowed to talk to him. For obvious reasons, he was not allowed to reply. Eventually, my children even gave him a name - officially adopting him into the family.<br />
<br />
Unwittingly, the tradition provided an added benefit: it helped the children to better control themselves. All it took was a gentle reminder that the "elf was watching" for errant behavior to be modified."<br />
<br />
---------------------<br />
<br />
Now, I believe that this is another baby step in the removal of Christ from Christmas. The activity of telling the doll what you want for Christmas could be considered a substitue for prayer, and may actually be capable of filling that need. Not to mention the shear IDOLATRY of the thing. Speak to it, because it listens. Behave, because it watches. And then on Christmas, thier belief is VALIDATED when they get the things they asked for. They are not allowed to touch him, thus it is as if it is 'holy'. The doll bocomes mystical, and idolatry sets into their hearts.<br />
<br />
No longer do parents have to worry about the logistical questions that children have like "how does he see me when I sleeping and know if I've been bad or good" the answer is, he has an elf helper in every house keeping notes! <br />
<br />
This is a big deal. They have been selling these things like crazy---people need to be reminded of what this really is before it gets a foothold, like Santa Clause did. Removing Santa from Christmas is IMPOSSIBLE at this point. Let's not let this household IDOL become just as impossible to remove. <br />
<br />
Mark my words: It will spread like cancer, and CHILDREN will PRAY to this thing. It's not minor---it is a MAJOR new weapon flying just under the radar.<br />
<br />
The website is here:<br />

Oh, 4 cryin out loud! Let the kids have an imagination! They're kids, for pete's sake! You'll never stifle a kid's imagination. If you're tryin to, you're fighting a worthless cause, a losing battle! Let them have fun! If your child is talking to and believing in elf dolls or any inanimate object as an adult, IT'S YOUR FAULT! PREPARE YOURSELF! START TAKING PARENTING CLASSES NOW!

Reading what you had to say, brought tears to my eyes, and touched my heart. You said it so wonderfully. AMEN

this is so inspiring. i recently gave my life 2 christ (again) & these r the things i need 2 hear as a constant reminder everyday. thankyou!

Marji, what you said in response to HiddenButterfli's message made me think of the Footprints story.<br />
<br />
HiddenButterfli, thank you for what you have written here. It was so inspiring. Those are things that I need to hear. Every single day. Every single minute of every single day. Which is why I should be meditating on the Word of God. Thank you for reminding me of that.