This Is Me

lo,im pedrohedgerow,+the name of this group is exactly as i believe myself 2 a drug addict,amphetamines,+have been 4 ther past 20 yrs.i also am not afraid 2 face my maker or any judgemental equivalent +lay my soul open 2 them.i know who i am,+i knowwhats worthwhile+virtuous in this world.well,some of it rather help than hurt some1,+if ur child was lost,ud b happy it was me shed met+returned 2 u,if u get my drift.i believe love is the most important+powerful force imaginable,+do u want 2 reject me?
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
51-55, M
4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

You are who you are and what you believe. That's what makes you special and NO way will I reject you... You'll always get the respect and trust from me.... *Hope's everything is doing well for you and you're healthy and fine.... Sincerely your friend Lex ;) xxxx

Agree with you there, love is the answer to all questions, and the only "true" religion.

Looooooo sis,just seen this,or something,lol!You understand who I am,and my intentions.I saw you in your stories,and loved the person I saw.Either of us could turn up on the others doorstep and know theres a place to sleep.x

Thankyou solia,its encouraging to receive others thoughts about what we write,especially when they have experience of us to enable a considered opinion and agree with what is said!Appreciated,pedro.

Hi Pedro You have been worthwhile and virtuous in your EP thoughts that I have read. I think you are right that religious affiliation may not be an indicator of how decent and caring a person is, my friend!