The Conversion From Religious Beleif To God 's Spritial Beleif Is True Spritial Freedom.

Here's how God converted me into the Christian I am today.

1. I did acknowledge that I am a sinner.
2. I also asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of all my sin's.
3. I asked Jesus to truly convict me and convert me into his presence.
4. I Gave God Thanks For The Newness Of Life That I Felt In My Heart.

Eternally Gratefulheart

Bro. Ronald L Harris, Sr.

P.S.  Invitations from  God  The Father To You All.


HEAVENLY  FATHER ,  Forgive me of my sins.

Give me a fresh start and new beginning.  I turn from anything that would hold me back from serving You .

Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die for my sins.  
Thank You for coming into my heart and life to be my Lord. 
 Fill me anew with   Your Holy Spirit. Cleanse my heart and renew my conscience.
Transform me into Your image!
 Transform me into Your image!
 In Jesus'  name. AMEN.                                                                                                                 



rondmc rondmc
51-55, M
Jul 25, 2010