People Must Learn To Understand

I was raised catholic, and for a little over 16 years I accepted everything I was told. After high school I changed my beliefs, I am Agnostic. It can be so frustrating sometimes talking with people. This may sound racist but this is just an observation, the people who think that I'm automatically going to hell if "I don't accept Jesus into my life" are baptists or christians, and a good majority of them are black. (reminder: I AM NOT RACIST THIS IS JUST AN OBSERVATION! now i dont want hate mail because youre offended.)

It bothers me, but I am never rude, I let them speak and let them attempt to convince me that I need Jesus or God or whatever they decide to call It (capitalized for emphasis). My belief is that we aren't predestined to go to heaven or hell, or whatever your beliefs are, but that we actually have a choice. My belief is that when I die, should there be a "Higher Power" that I will have the choice of where I believe I should go, but there is no hell or place of damnation (except for extreme cases). I believe the choice is wether to move on and up, or to stay and observe. I also believe that those who choose to stay will be given something to do: Collector of souls, spiritual guide, guardian spirit, etc. and that we will carry out our duties as neccessary. And when not doing our duties we are able to "haunt" where ever we please (i choose the term haunt to keep the terminology mildly universal).

Now, my views are different from others, I know. Even now you are probably thinking there is fault with my beliefs, and that is your opinion...

Life is just one big party, live it up, you only live once. (Believers in reincarnation: Sorry, I got nothing)
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As far as I'm consermed if we criticise people for behaving in a way we think is wrong, <br />
So long as we apply our criticism reasonably, & don't single out anyone for special attention because of the colour of their skin, that isn't being racist.

i guess the reason that the people approaching me being black is because of my neighborhood,you are right it lends to validity or weight to my argement, it was just an observation that Ive had for quite sometime... I know there are plenty of other races in with "die-hard" religious beliefs and attitudes, but a majority of what I've experienced were there aforementioned black christians and baptists... I always put that no matter how it sounds i am not racist. because there are people out there who will think otherwise even though I explain myself before them...

Thanks AK<br />
I was raised as a protestant & I've come to similar conclusions to you.<br />
The majority of people who have told me i'm going to hell if I don't 'welcome Jesus into my life' have for the record been white I've heard Christian's of so many different colours & denominations say it, so I don't think this is a racial issue.<br />
Stating most of the people saying something to you are black doesn't automatically make you a racist but I 'm puzzled why you've decided to give this obsevation so much importance in your post because it doesn't seem add any weight to the rest of your arguement.?<br />
I find the whole' everybody is going to hell except us' thing laughable.It seems to be part of the Judaic tradition & you get similar from some Jew and Muslims as well as Christians.<br />
I believe the odds are in favour of some sort of an afterlife.I figure cultivating emotions like love & compassion will probably be more relevant over there than material things like the size of the flat screen television which I owned..<br />
Beyond this if there is a continuing life for us after our bodies die I don't know with any degre of certainty what it's going to be like or how it will all work.Your ideas are as good as mine.