Supply And Demand

It's all about balance I guess.
I believe that life, that is all living things, is the personification of love.

Maybe we are love, but in a human form,  made up of what I imagine to be "love particles." And I also believe that when we interact with one another we "exchange" these particles, that this is constantly occurring, between living things.
In my way of looking at life, this positive force is in constant motion around me, around each of us, as we "bounce" off one another, exchanging pieces of ourselves.
I am hyper-aware of my interactions with others: a glance, a hug, a wave, a smile, a favor, a handshake, an Internet connection, a sexual encounter, and the mother of all interactions--the relationship--when you choose to share what you've got with someone special, when you choose on a conscious level to open the floodgates if you will, thereby allowing the free, unfettered exchange of love, knowing full well that the currents may take you into uncharted waters, rip tides, swells, sand bars, gales, hurricanes, tsunamis. You get the idea.

In Economics101  I was taught about supply and demand. It's all you really need to know to understand how the world works. What I didn't understand at the time was that that is sort of how love works as well. When supply equals demand and there is an even exchange and the transactions are reasonable and fair,  then everything runs smoothly, economically speaking, and relationship-wise.

But sometimes I feel like the account is dwindling, like I am out of balance, like the demand far exceeds the supply, like I could use a large contribution, donation, deposit, as I have spent all my capital. The balance feels out of whack, and I am weak.

I also know  though, that I am free to tap into that vast reservoir of love that is out there to correct the discrepancy, but I sometimes wish that I could have it delivered, without having to ask, without having to think about it.
I guess that's what we all want.
Some people find that --that access to the wealth of love that is out t here, with a belief in god, a euphemism for the source, of all that is in this universe within which we exist. 
Well then, here goes nothing. I submit my prayer; fill me up with love.
Please don't make me beg

Quintesse Quintesse
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20 Responses Jan 26, 2011

I really like the way you worded all this. I liked this on so many levels it would take a long time to cover what all I read in this statement as to what all this covers. Thanks for posting this!

Hi, I like what you've written here. I will send you my love :) Please watch this short video I think you'll like it.

Love n Peace

Thanks. I am feeling the love these days and it is wonderful<br />
Thank you my friend.

This is EC201 and the theme does not change.<br />
<br />
Love to you, Miss Q

I like the way I think too, at least in this case anyway. It helps to focus on positive things when you are in a slump. I appreciate the late comment as it brought me back to a story I haven't thought about in a while.<br />

a little late! maybe? tons of love from me!<br />
<br />
i like the way you think!!1

I am SO into comfort and everlasting joy. That's why I spend an inordinate amount of time tryng to convince myself that it's possible. <br />
I like my way of thinking. I'm sorry about the bitterness and recrimination. Been there.

That's your opinion I guess. It's a tad depressing.<br />
Now might be a good time to tell you that I have optimistic/ idealistic/ "world peace is possible"/ "love is all we need" tendencies, so if you are going to reduce love to a "responsive impulse" that ultimately "destroys individuality" just know that I will be over in the corner singing to myself with my fingers in my ears.

Thank you. <br />
I respect other people's beliefs. I have nothing against religion--just hypocracy.<br />
(Beware those who protest too much)<br />
And I'm with you--god is love, no matter how you define god.<br />
<br />
"A direct and constant connection to the source will make the journey much more pleasant." <br />
Nice. I like that.<br />
Thank you again. All of this is helping me.

Lovely post... You have a way with words. I think we should continuously seek the source so that the journey can be understood. A direct constant connection to the source will make the journey much pleasant. I am Christian and have strong beliefs in my faith. I am not ashamed to admit that, although alot of people really attack Christians for their strong beliefs. I suppose that could be because we seem to want to impose our beliefs on others. To me, God is love & as long as you believe in love, you believe in God

I am glad I could enrich you by enriching me. I feel blessed that this notion of life comes to me so clearly and that I am not alone.<br />
<br />
Be alive!

Bingo! <br />
<br />
"The journey to creating who we are and who we want to be carries on for ever, this does not mean that we cannot re-create ourselves either!"<br />
<br />
I of course accept that the re-occurring imbalances are a part of life, the ebb and flow and all, but sometimes I feel an emptiness that I can't correct for. Then I find myself beseeching (god?) for relief. I feel cold at times--physically cold. But that being said--you're right, I also know what it feels like to feel full and warm. Full and warm is much better, by the way. <br />
I thank you for giving me some perspective on this. I think we do understand one another. I am grateful for your imput.

Perhaps it is our choice to experience both the imbalance as well as the balance of this supply and demand. With out this relativity we couldn't apreciate either or strive for what is right or wrong for us because that too is an experience in it self. The journey to creating who we are and who we want to be carries on for ever, this does not mean that we cannot re-create ourselves either!<br />
<br />
I loved your words, glad I found you kindred spirit.

Thank you guys. <br />
I have some very philanthropic-minded friends who are helping me through this. <br />
I'll be back in the black again in no time.<br />
It's all good.

Very well put. I offer you light and love during your time of difficulty.

This is really deep. Our accounts do go into deficit at times. I've heard it said that you need to go back to 'the source' (whatever that means for you) at these points in time, I guess that's what you're talking about? Not sure that I've have all that much luck with that. But I have found that when everyone that I think I can rely on in times of need 'fail' me (are anavailable, for whatever reason), I often am surprised by the answers I find in solice. I think that's another equation that needs balance - extroversion vs introversion. Sometimes we seek from others when we have the answers within. <br />
<br />
Whatever the source, I hope you find your wells of love are filled up soon. You certainly deserve that.

You certainly have a way with words. I like that prayer too. I think love is still the most powerful force in the universe, although it's hard to believe that when you look around in this world.<br />
You're pretty smart ........for a girl. : )

I'm pretty long-winded and verbose here, but when conversing with the universe I like to get right to the point.<br />
I've considered yelling, but I've been told it's not necessary.

I kinda like that prayer ;)

I've heard that. <br />
Still, the need to cling is part of what makes us human I think. We're fragile and imperfect. Hell, if the letting go was easy we'd all be doing it, then maybe the balance wouldn't be so messed up out there.