I Was Asked About This Today..

H EPeeps. =) I don't have a story here yet so I thought I'd just share with you a little bit of my ramblings from today...

I was on EP today while doing a bit of doodling and chatting a little bit with a friend and she asked me "You don't believe in God do you?"
and so I replied "Not in the way most people would."
and then she asked me "So what do you believe?"
Well, I was doing my doodling so I didn't really want to type a whole page about it, lol.. so I responded thus:

That's a bit of a big question to ask me while I'm drawing, lol. =P 
I'll just say not in the way that most believe.. like a person. I would say I'm spiritual but not religious, and I would never take part in any kind of religion as they all specify too much and I'm a bit too agnostic to be in a religion... I don't really think that my mind is capable of understanding the ultimate truth.. I think whatever that is must be beyond my capability to understand.. I think that the idea of God being a person (having a personality, human-like traits, big white beard, etc..) is simply projecting man's own limited experience.. Making God something that man can understand completely.. reducing expectations and fitting God into man's limited understanding and pre-concieved ideas of what is possible. I know that I feel we're all united, I know I feel there's a "oneness" to all life and the Earth itself and the universe.. I just can't define my feeling so well.. it's hard for me to write what I believe because I can't specify, and people want you to be able to specify and say how you believe things to be, and then often will argue that you've no evidence for it, lol... I did try once... I basically said that I think that talking, discussing and examining things is not the way to the ultimate truth. Science also is naming things. Naming things takes us further from the "unity" in my view.... As soon as we start to name/specify, we SEPARATE things.. so by examination we don't find the common thing that unites everything... For instance: A new born baby sees the world as one big blur.. everything is one. As soon as you start to learn to percieve things separately, start to name things.. call a tree "tree" and the sky "sky", a dog "dog", God "God", you separate them in your mind.. and the more you learn, talk, read, write, study, the more things become separated and that takes you further away from being able to see/feel the unity of all things.. or the "glue" (?) Something like that, lol.. doesn't seem to make any sense when I write it.  lol.
So basically I think I could never understand or define God, and it would be perhaps even foolish of me to try, as I live in the human world/experience and not a god's world/experience; and so God is likely something I could never even concieve of... I would be like someone out of The Simpsons, living in their two-dimensional universe, trying to speculate on the nature of our three-dimensional universe.. Impossible for them, because they have only ever experienced two dimensions. To concieve of the third dimension I could only reduce to my limited experience.
I hope that made some sense, lol. Sorry that it IS just a ramble, it's not meant to be an argument to disprove religion or anything like that.. it's just purely my thoughts.. I'm just throwing it out there.
Thanks for reading. =)

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1 Response Mar 2, 2011

hmmm yes that is some question.makes me scratch my head a bit lol.im not a religious person at all.i went through some tough stuff as a kid that just changed my whole life, and my religious streak vanished.im a Christian in a good honest way, like being helpful and truthful ect, but not in a god believing, going to church kinda way.just the way i am i suppose :) i respect though, that people find comfort in a god.i think if its a positive and helpful aspect to a persons life then that's a great thing.i deeply respect all religions.xxxxxxxxx