First Chat

me: hi
6:09 PM


Boyfriend(: Hey baby

me: hey hun

Boyfriend(: I miss you

me: i miss you too

i miss you more than i do

Boyfriend(: I got a coyple of mins to talk to u

me: than you do *


Boyfriend(: Haha yeah im so sore right niw

me: awwwww im injured

6:10 PM
Boyfriend(: Happy soon to be a month versarry <3

me: Happy Soon to be month anniversary <3

i love you more than anything

anyway, im injured

and had to sit out partially out of gym
6:11 PM
babe ?
6:12 PM
Boyfriend(: Hey sorry the connection is horrible here

me: its ok

yeah i am still partially limping

but i can barely stand on my left ankle

Boyfriend(: Well my muscles are screaming

Booth camp worst thing ever

me: awwwwww :(

im sorry well i can barely walk

Boyfriend(: Yeah it hurts
6:13 PM
me: :(

Boyfriend(: I miss you sooo much im so happy ut online

me: if it makes you feel better i can barely walk

awwww im always online on a sunday

Boyfriend(: Haha well sunday is my sleep day

me: lol

6:14 PM
Boyfriend(: This morning i had to wake up at 5

It eas bad

me: awwww

Boyfriend(: Yeah

me: i woke up at 8 am

Boyfriend(: And plus it rained here

me: and had to walk ( limp) to cheer

Boyfriend(: So booth camp was hard

I got muddy

me: awwwwww

Boyfriend(: And the showers are sooo weird

Its outside

me: um ok

Boyfriend(: And the wall are wooden

me: lol

6:15 PM
Boyfriend(: And theres no roof

me: hun, i can barely walk

Boyfriend(: Haha aww

me: yeah i have been limping for a week

Boyfriend(: Ive been wanting ice for a week

me: i got hurt at cheer

Boyfriend(: Awwwww

Poor puppy
6:16 PM
Woof woof

me: yeah i saved a life at cheer but it came at a consequence

Boyfriend(: <3

me: <3

i love you so much

your so funny


Boyfriend(: wait isnt if oof oof?

me: its woof


Boyfriend(: Hoo hoof?

Wait goof goof

me: hahahahahhahah

Boyfriend(: Loof loof

me: lol

Boyfriend(: Hoof hoof

me: woof *

Boyfriend(: Haha

me: not hoof *
6:17 PM


anyway, i got a job

6:18 PM
i still haven't gotten the necklace

Boyfriend(: Haha

me: lol

Boyfriend(: <3

i love you

me: <3

i love you too


i love you more than anything


Boyfriend(: I got a min left on the comp.

me: ok

Boyfriend(: I g2g :(

me: ok :(

well just wait for my lettters to arrive

Boyfriend(: Im sorry wish i could be longer

me: i know. i sent you three letters
6:19 PM
Boyfriend(: Ill be waiting

me: :D you should get them by next week


Boyfriend(: I love you <3

me: I love you too <3
6:20 PM
kseniyasamsonik kseniyasamsonik
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 20, 2011

aww so cute girlie :)

thanks :D &lt;3

Awe, you guys are cutee :)

thanks :D &lt;3