In A Coma Wierd Dream Or Spiritual Experience Experience

i n the 1980's i lived in Nigeria, west Africa. I used to like to party and enjoy myself.

I don't know exactly what happened but around one Xmas i was invited to some parties and decided to go to one in Ibadan and then one in Lagos in the same day.

I left Lagos quite early as i wanted to spend at least couple of hours before coming back to Lagos to go to a party by national stadium in surulere.

The party in Ibadan was just as if with no extraordinary experiences.I left Ibadan that evening to come back to Lagos to meet my friend Sola to take me to this party which was to last till morning.

( just an aside i lost my memory and could not for the life of me remember who invited me to that party for about a year)

I arrived in surulere Lagos that evening and sure enough my friend Sola was at the bus stop to meet me.From the bus stop we walked and chated untill we arrived at the party where he found me a seat with some guys and girls and went off to get me food and beer as is the case.

This is the last i remember of this party for at least two weeks as i then either gained two weeks or lost two weeks of my life.

In fact for these two weeks or more i felt like Thomas Covenant in the Ilearth chronicles in my experience.

I was out for the count i was taken too a private hospital after being found unconscious in a busy area of Lagos at least five miles away from where the party was. I don't know how I got there and i don't know what luck I had with me but in a city of at least 5million people my aunt's driver was having a beer nearby. He recognized me and took me in the back of the combi bus to my aunt's so I was still alive.

They took me to a private hospital where my father's friend was the surgeon but this was destined not to work as they had to take me to a government hospital ( In this case Ikeja General Lagos and buy my own drugs due to shortage.)or I would die my father and aunt was told

When they got me to the hospital the staff told the party of people who took me that i was dead as i was in a Coma and they said i would not come round. I suppose there was an animated argument between my family and the hospital staff and they agreed to continue to treat me so far we found the drugs which were scarce.

You might think from what you hear that this is a sad story but it is not.It was a beautiful experience.

Has anyone reading this been in a coma ? when I was in one I was getting married, in fact maybe it was one of those things that was supposed to change my life but that is hard when living every day life.

From when the pictures come i was getting married, not a marriage to a person, it felt more like i was marrying the spirit itself as crazy as that may seem. Where I was was clean, so clean it was as if nothing had ever touched the colors that were there. This in itself doesn't seem implausible as when I used to go somewhere I seemed to float and everything was joined together as, as if more than one object could occupy a single space literally and we know that here that is not possible as you can't put more than one thing inside one space unless spiritually for instance a seed that becomes a plant inside that same space. Everything seemed interconnected and thoughts actually became actions.

I wanted believe it or not a cigarette inside my coma. It was a conscious thought even as i wasn't here the thought was still real and actually more real than here as here it is just a thought but there it became an action.I was transported to a room, I floated and when I got there, there was a room full from top to bottom with cigarettes in fact there was no room for anything else in that room. My body still entered for some strange reason there was room for my body much like a ghost I could occupy the space with them but once I did that they really didn't mean anything any more, I no longer wanted them.

There were a lot of other things that did the same. Each thought that i had became an action where the object of my thought and my own body could occupy the same space at the same time and without fail when this happened I no longer wanted it. This is weather it was money, cars, in fact all of the things that you want in life the thoughts became actions and then an overwhelming feeling of the pointlessness of it came through. It was as if I was being taught that material things are unimportant as they are there in abundance and not the true meaning or purpose of living but just a means of survival to as high a standard as possible and maybe pushing away the important.

As i said there was an real feeling of getting married and I didn't see my body but my eyes were really bright and the landscape and whether was dazzling and I mean dazzling , maybe like Elysium fields or the island vale of Avalon. I mean red was more than red and blue more than blue. They seemed alive. They seemed entities more than colors as if they were alive and that this place all seemed to be living together. It was like if you was to hurt a piece of this place then you hurt the whole place.

I can see this place in my minds eye. It was like it had golden gates with gardens so perfect that they were beyond perfect. There was a stone drive, road that went round in a u shape as far as the eyes could see. The sky was bedazzling and the song of birds and nature were of a beauty that was immortal and timeless. The trees that were on the horizon were welcoming and vibrant with life and the song was perfection.

This is real. I experienced this lying in a coma in the 1980's in Nigeria. I was happy content and I didn't want to come back to this place. This world had no shade of comparison of this land to which I had come. I was married or so I felt to who or what I don't know but I have an Idea maybe that period I was blessed as it was at least two weeks after which I came back with weight loss bed sore and amnesia. My memory came back little by little over a year , if I was blessed I don't know how as I have had a tough life. But alive I am and what made me come back was this.

I have a brother who is white, I myself am mixed race, anyway somehow he got to this land that I was in and I saw him i was telling him to go that I was happy.

Instead of going he came in front of me and pulled at the top of his face, by his forehead and as he pulled down his whole face came away and I was looking at him but he wasn't white anymore but very, very, Black indeed and the shock of seeing this is what brought me away from the land. It brought me out of the coma. It told me I was not ready to be here as i still had more to do.

One day I will return to the land but after seeing this I responded to treatment and opened my eyes. I saw my stepmother and my brother who was only a baby sitting by my bed watching me from where they had been sitting everyday since the day I arrived at Ikeja General.

thanks for reading. I welcome any comments this is my story of a coma I wonder if any one else has seen similar.


daleyifa daleyifa
41-45, M
May 13, 2012