I Believe In An Afterlife

I believe there is a afterlife, and I wonder a lot if we have some-what of a choice of where we want to go when we die-stay behind, or pass on. I say that because I've had family who have spoken with or seen there deceased husbands/wives/other family. If we didn't have a choice to stay behind why would we be seeing them?

Why would my little brother's mum's grandfather still come back to walk down the hall of the second floor to see who was disturbing his things in his room?

Or why did my maternal great grandfather come back to watch over his 4 daughters? His family coming home late at night from work to find his favorite smoky apple tobacco cigars lit in his same old ashtray at the same old spot with his same old chair used to be? The house reeked of apple tobacco for almost a year! And it only could be smelled whenever my grandmother came home at night from the Bass shoe shop. No other part of the day could it be detected. Great grandfather Roland must have been waitin' for his youngest pumpkin to come home every night. 
Why would he bring messages in dreams after his death to my aunt Florence who never forgave herself for leaving the hospital only a short time before the doctors called saying he had passed during the night? Auntie Florence hated herself when her dad died because he was in a coma for days and the night he died she and her 3 other sisters, including my grandmother, went to the hospital. My Aunt Florence was the last to go and she wouldn't leave the room. The doctor told them that they didn't know if he would wake up. He couldn't even assure her that my great grandfather was even aware they she was in the room. So she went home and he died 3-4 hours later in the early morning hours.

Month and months went by and she still cried about that. That she wasn't there to say good bye to her father at his last moment here. But one night she had a dream that finally brought her peace. She dreamed she saw her father.

"Florence...Florence...Honey! Florence!" he kept repeating over and over again to get her attention.

"I can't pass on with you so hurt of my passing. You gotta let me go, honey. I know it wasn't your fault that you weren't there before I died. I love you, hon. Good bye." 

Auntie Florence or more grandmother never had another encounter with great grandpa Roland ever again. 

I am a big believer in ghosts. I definitely don't believe that when were dead were just dead. I do believe though that we can pass on too. Some of my family members I feel have passed on, like grandpa Cook, and my Grammy Audrey who died in February of last year. I may believe there is a heaven, but I'm not 100% sure about it. 
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May 13, 2012