I Too Have No Use For Religion

I was raised Catholic, but not all that Catholic. We were not at all devout. My half sister sought many spiritual beliefs and shared them all with the rest of us. I was around seven when my exposure to this began. I did not really absorb much of it at the time but did plant the seed of alternative beliefs. When I was about twelve I took elocution lessons and one of the things my teacher and I read was between God and Jesus, who was an eager learner. At one point explains something and says it's been that way since they were created. Jesus doesn't understand what God means, and God explains to him that all gods are created in man's image.

At least I know that god is a lot like me--very accepting and forgiving and nonjudgmental. God doesn't mind if I yell at him and call him eveything but nice. And god doesn't give a sh1t if I don't capitalize his name. I talk to him all day, thanking him for the endless beauty in the world and asking him for guidance. And he talks to me in many ways too. He is my best buddy. And he is a terrible tease too, giving me many opportunities to laugh at myself.

That's my god. I'll be reading to learn about yours in hopes that my god and I may learn a little more.
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May 20, 2012