Law Of Attraction

A person's outlook on life determines how fulfilled and meaningful his/her life is or will be. Spirituality comes from you. It's about how you feel and how you embrace it.

A universal law: The Law of Attraction, whether it be material, intangible, microscopic doesn't matter. The universe follows the Law of Attraction. The energy you give off will naturally attract the same frequency of energy, this is constant. Energy will change in frequency. It exists everywhere and is infinite.

When you have a bad day, you feel down in some way or another, you have low energy=low frequency.You give off this low frequency of energy (misery loves company or Murphy's Law) you will naturally attract this low energy back, guaranteed=Law of Attraction

If you are in high spirits you will naturally attract this back and full fill your wants and desires= people are attracted to you naturally and want to support, the day is rolling in your favor, positive things are happening to you, YOU are naturally attracting positive energy.

People are not bringing You down, outside forces have nothing to do with how YOU are feeling, work, family, broken car, bills whatever... You are the ONLY one that is making you feel down. You will not get anywhere in this LOW energy place. The only way to full fill your desires, your wants and adventures in life is YOU. You deserve to be happy and full fill your wants. Happiness is a natural right in life and for all that exists.

You can accomplish anything in life with this outlook. You only need to learn how to control these feelings. Simply put, how to switch from low frequency to high positive energy.

This high positive energy is the rush you get when you feel in control, or when you see the outcome of your success from a challenge in life. Use mantra (talk to your self that you've got this, you can and will do this) Meditation also helps...Think of something that makes you feel good, makes you laugh (think happy thoughts). You will therefore attract the same frequency of positive energy.

Where do you put your energy?
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Trying to stay positive is great, but alas there are times when nothing can get the mojo going the right direction

Hi qbanagrl21. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your story and agree with you about energy/vibrations. I like how you offered some different ways of increasing positive energy! I've struggled with depression (low energy) for a long time and there is definitely a lot of advice out there to "be positive!", but most of the time there is little or no information on how to do so. Thank you!!

To a certain extent your premise is sound; however (isn't there always one), however, I am bipolar and it took 50 years for it to be diagnosed. Took quite awhile to get my meds right, but now I am usually stable with just little ups and downs.<br />
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I loved being up as I can accomplish so much in a little time, but I am so hard to live with at those times, and I experienced remorse for my behavior while up when I was down (depressed). I struggled to find a solution, and tried mental gymnastics of all kinds to no avail. Once the chemical imbalances were discovered and treated, I found I was happy just to be stable, so there has to be a caveat to cover the chemical imbalances. <br />
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Other than that one thing, I agree about the harmonics that allow one to experience peace and joy without taking a side trip through guilt and redemption. I also find it true that if you are at peace or joyful, your actions influence those around you in a positive way or viceversa if you are down.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.