How Can We Confine Ultimate Reality To One Religion

All religion is, is an attempt to create a model of reality, but does not define concrete reality. Frankly, I think that ultimate reality is too vast to put a definition on. In every religion, the whole basis of truth is centered around certain figures, certain theological theories, certain periods of time, certain codes of conduct, certain dogma's, certain rituals and certain practices. People created gods and goddesses to give aspects of the world meaning. Like the Egyptians gave death a meaning by labeling Osiris as the god of the underworld. The Greeks gave the ocean a meaning by making Poseidon the king of the ocean. In Abrahamic religions, they are adamant about one god, so as to not create competition, while other groups have several gods, so as to give diverse meaning. Then some groups like Christianity and Hinduism have one god in distinct manifestations. That way God is one, but has many different and diverse but unifying natures. We can see why Jews dont want to make an image of God, because to them, they are confining ultimate reality to a single entity, which is illogical. But this is the problem I have with organized Religion. They attempt to confine the universe to work under their model of reality. If your Jewish, the model of reality is the old testament, if you are Christian, your model of reality is the bible, if your Muslim, your model of reality is the Koran. Then we have many different denominations, each trying to confine reality to their denomination. To a Calvinist, their model of reality is TULIP. All we have are different sides claiming that all of vast infinity is themed after one particular religion. Just because one religious group has one model of reality does not mean that all other models of reality are invalid. Thats like saying that just because Mexican food is good, that Irish food must be bad. Those are two opposite matters. Plus if you look at any sacred text, there is no way to create a systematic rigid dogma to confine ultimate reality, or you end up with a lot of contradictions. Plus there is no reason to interpret any texts in such a rigid way.
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you are so wise for one so young! I could not have put it better myself and I have been on this earth nearly seven decades. Organised religion is power and control,it has nothing to do with spirituality,the catholic church totally ignores the teaching of christ,they do and say what suits them,they tell us that "poverty is a virtue!"yet look at the vatican!! look at the opulance and obscene wealth.It fills people's mind with guilt about sex,yet look at how it has tried for years to hide the abuse of vulnerable children in its care and protected paedophile priests,they even tried to put the blame on the victims and avoided for a long time to say they were sorry.Each religion wants to be the only one with the truth but WHAT is the truth? it certainly is NOT their truth!.Follow your heart,be fully human,be loving and compassionate,that will bring you to the truth.Take care.