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I am spiritual but not religious i havnt been religious since the 11th grade in highschool when i found out tht alot of the worlds biggest religions were spread threw slavery imperialism and war. The undeniable proof of this is shown threwout world espeacailly along the western hemisphere.The people tht was forced to go threw with these drastic changes not only had to adopt there religion but also took on their names and lagguages. Places like hondoras are full of black people tht speak spanish. And lots of hispanic people have last names like Medina proving tht some of them have an arabic origin this is also proven threw facial features.

The truth was interesting but disturbing and i eventually gave up christainity. Now instead of praying I meditate. I see meditation as praying to your higher self. People have the potential to accomplish great feats but we limit ourselves. Imagine if you believe in yourself as much as your grandma belives in god. all this time people waste not understanding tht we have the potentail to manifest our own reality and we have the abillity to change ourselves . all these self help books , prayer and even somtimes medicine (look up placebo) derive from ourselves. i notice tht people always look for an outside source even with things like self worth.....(sorry this was more of a rant)
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No idea . But religion is real. However its the scholars that have added there views in the 19th and 20th 21st that has made up the loopholes. Sciences of the unknown will never be understood so long as we live in the dark, The leaders of religion are corrupt from the majority. Either you walk alone or walk in a group thats upto a individual

"I see meditation as praying to your higher self." I like that thought.

Thanks :) do you meditate ?

Yes. Kriya.

Small world I just wrote this in reply to a different post;

Like you, I believe there is no such thing as separate or greater. I feel we all have everything we need, but sometimes we just do not tap into all available resources. These resources include faith and other positive aspects of religion. These resources include scientific knowledge which is a positive aspect of mental capacity.

I think this applies to your feelings on meditation and religion as well.

Yes it does thanks for adding on :) everything connects

"Trying to find God, running from self, looking everywhere else"
I'm glad I can believe in myself more than anything, this is who I'll be till I die, and then whatever remaining energy there is afterwards

True! That's peace

I was going to start meditation but then i saw read it was bad o_O (devil worship with a peacful approch).

I agree.

I agree with everything you say here,and although I follow no religion,I know the creator exists,and believe we are all extensions of Him/Her.Which consolidates the points you make here. :)

Hello klegendo. I agree with your rant and l agree with you when you say 'something cannot come from nothing', energy can be changed into different form but it has to have something there in the first place. I grew up in a wonderful presbytarian atmosphere and my grandmother's faith in her patriarchal God never wavered, she was blessed with a powerful gift of healing and had such happiness from her faith. Yet our family were kept dirt poor despite the hard work which usually wore them out so they died young, our language was taken away too and our young men were sent to die in wars not of our making our young girls were sent off to work 'in service' from as young as 12, my own mother and aunt worked up to 17 hours a day and were obliged to go to church every Sunday, the lower working classes in Britain were 'kept in their place through Religion and warnings of dire consequences if they broke even the tiniest of their master's or mistresses rules. Like you klegendo l am spiritual but not religious anymore, but l am grateful for the moral values my grandmother's Christian beliefs instilled in me, l may not be religious but l do honour the brave words of Jesus and other's like Him, telling us that the the only way for mankind is the way of unselfish love. I did not realise this until l had an ndr at the age of 49, l found myself catapulted out of my dead body, l did not want to die but l did not want to come back either, l discovered that my careful strict religious view's meant nothing but my soul having learned 'by my life's experience' that only love caring and honesty mattered, that was very important, and that 'l' am important too!, my years of growing up living by all the strict religious doctrine l was taught 'took away my self esteem because no one said they loved me' it was all rules of 'do this and don't do that'. After dying l was not aware of a 'patriarcial God' but l was aware of a 'higher loving intelligence' l learned so much but not what religion taught me to expect! and also that animals go on into spirit too! now l no longer follow any religion because it is not the empty platitudes that matter. What matters is non judgemental kindness forgiveness and love.These are actually difficult lessons to learn yet from a selfish point of view it is in our own best interests to learn them even if it is through the bitter experiences of this often painful life.

wow this is powerful thanks for blessing my page, what lagguage did your people originally speak? i didnt respect it until my lil cousins father died the energy there was really powerfull and the only thing tht kept this lil 12 year old goin was the concept of heaven, he was a single dad to in painful times it even gave a lil girl an incredible amount of inner strength, your grandma sounds lik a beautiful person and the vibe i get off this post tells me tht u are to, u kno i spend all this time reading books and talking to people searching for this ultimate knowledge but its really the lil things tht older people told me tht matter the most things like unity faithfulness love friendship

So how did everything (people, trees, rabbits, the moon, the ocean, the water cycle...) come into being my friend? ....Just wondering what your thoughts on this are.

lol idk i just turned 19 lol i dont even kno how to drive let alone know the origin of the universe, i honestly dont think will ever know science and nearly every other religion claim tht something came from nothing how is tht possible and if it always was around how is tht possible, wth is reality we can literily be anything in the subatomic universe the germ cant comprehend the rest of the world he probably thinks hes dominate in his little fraction of the planet, compared to the universe an everything in it were in a micro verse but threw a ants percpective were tottaly different, in the end we all make asumptions of wat we dont understand

Thank you for responding my friend..... So I think we can both agree that everything with purpose and order couldn't just come from nothing, right? Many in science will be chasing their tails over that one for years to come.

So then, you had stated that you left christianity over slavery, imperialism and war correct? Now let's make a discerning line here, okay? All of those you mentioned sound like they come from the evil of man's prideful heart don't they? ....could it be my friend that man was acting apart from God, yet using His name to justify their behaviors?

Because if God is a God of love and mercy, wishing none to perish, that all should come to repentance from the evil each does from a wicked heart, then would those who precipatated such behavior be representing God and giving Him glory? what do you think?

Wow. This is a powerful essay. Thanks for sharing. I particularly love your take on meditation - makes me want to practice it right now.

lol glad to help and thanks for reading