I Have Been To The Spirit World.

I was a christian my entire life, in fact i was quite the believer. It all started when i entered someone elses dream. I started talking to my one friend and got into astral projecton with him. I travaled all over this world and even made to seveal other realms.
Through all this i kept my faith but then i started making a whole bunch of new friends, friends that my religion said were going to hell just because they didnt believe the right thing. then i thought of the millions of good people in the world that would share the same fait. How could a god, that is sappose to be love, send people to hell for something so mundane. There are astral planes that i cant make it to so i know that things exist there that i dont know about. I do know that there is a spiritual realm but the god i once believed in has become almost an evil force created by men trying to be better than others. Many answers have come to me from deep medditation and study of many philosiphers. As far as i am concerned there is an after life but it will not be denied to any good genuine people,
sabor12 sabor12
18-21, M
Jul 30, 2012