A Lesson Of Peace And Understanding :)

I should probably make a note that I am full of ideas and concepts, things I would like to share with others. You don't have to like what I have to say, but give it some thought. You might learn something if you let yourself :)

I've always believed that something was out there, that there was a reason for everything. I can't wrap my head around religion though. It's not that it's too complex to grasp but that it doesn't feel right. I don't think a being of supreme love and understanding would promote hate and prejudice. I believe that anything is possible, but many religions are full of rules about what is "right" and "wrong"

Morality is subjective. That sounds terrible but it's true. What is right for one person may not be right for another person. The concepts of good and evil and opinion as well. A religious man who does right by his own standards might claim that a gay man is evil and a sinner for going against God. That gay man may claim the other man is evil for persecuting him for being who he is.

Now I'm not saying that everyone should just go out and kill each other because there's no such thing as good and evil. There are standards that people live by and that's ok. You should follow what feels right in your heart. My suggestion is to live in a place of love and be happy. Love is a high energy and high frequency emotion, and that is the only way too grow and expand as a person. When you live in fear (hate, sadness, fright) you don't really go anywhere. You are stuck running in place and everything just kind of passes you by while you live in misery.

I'm not saying it's wrong to be religious, but people should realize that other points of view are valid, even if it seems wrong to you. And hey, we're all human beings. We should unite and live in harmonious peace :)

Namaste <3
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I feel completely the same way! Whlie I feel there ARE benefits socially to organized religion on *some* ways (for the average person who gleans the positive messege of loving your neighbor, etc), and in other ways is harmful (*the fanatics who take the extreme belief of claiming authority to know who is GOING TO HELL!!* lol), for me, I can't swallow one and ignore the other. They are both part of the same pill. I really live by a belief of love, live and let live, do not judge others as long as they are not out murdering, raping, threatening others, etc... I think, also, people should be free to LOVE how they want.. be that polygamy or homosexually and everything in between. ;)