My Parents Don't Agree

I have always considered myself a spiritual person but not a religious one. I read the Bible, I pray and I tell other people about the great gospel of salvation too whenever I can.
But for about a year and a half now, I have stopped going to church. I don't find it necessary and I find that some of the people in the church used the excuse of 'if you don't go to church then you're not a good Christian' to scare people like me into going back to church. To me, that's really hypocritical behavior at its best! I find it particularly annoying when people who claims to know what you're going through and on the context of caring for you ask you to go for church services and prayer meetings and stuff like that. But the truth is they don't know a single dime of what I was going through and the reason why I did not go to church.
I'm now attending college and is staying away from my parents so I don't go back home that often. Before I came to college, my parents brought me to this church, which happens to a be branch church of the home church that I was attending back home and introduced me to the pastor of the church. I attended the church for quite some time and I find the pastor and his family really caring and genuine which was a huge shift from what i was used to back at the home church I attend. But then things begin to turn sour because of some politics going on in the church. The pastor eventually left and so do some of the members. There was only so much bull I can take from the people there and I decided to leave as well. So for now, I only go to church when I'm back home because my parents will never take no for an answer about going to church on a Sunday.
To cut the long story short, my parents somehow found out that I stopped going to church when I'm in college and that really upset them. It upset me as well as this issue which I think is really, a small issue, messed up my relationship with my parents because we were on different thought channels regarding this issue.
I'm now 21 and I think I'm old enough to think for myself what is wrong and right. I don't think there was ever a verse in the Bible that said 'if thou is not in church on a Sunday, thou shall be stuck dead by lightning' right? I hope you readers get my drift. I still love God and I believe He is very real because I have experienced His goodness in a very real way before. But I just don't buy the idea of going to church on a Sunday. Some of my non-Christian friends told me that as long as I have Jesus in my heart, that's what matters the most. The going to church part is just a show. To a certain extent, I do agree with what my friends have to say.
But what do you people think?
kelvinng90 kelvinng90
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012