The Best Things In Life We Cannot Talk About

The nature of the human soul is much like a water fossett, that must give water to receive it. We are born with all the answers, but we do not know ourselves, many forget the language needed to speak with our soul. I like Joseph Campbell's explanation "What most people are looking for (whether they know it or not) is a way of experiencing the world in which we are living that will open to us the transcendent mystery source that informs it and at the same time informs us within it. Mythology could be said to be the secret opening in the universe through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation. "Mythology is a series of stories that point to that transcendent source. It is the edge, the interface between what can be known and what can never be discovered because it is a mystery beyond all human research." This interface is navigated with an internal compus. And sometimes the more you think you know, the less you understand. Indeed it can take a lifetime of unlearning to walk in the higher realms while still "down here" on earth.

The best things in life cannot be talked about because the planar language with which we reach beyond the known world is one not spoken with words. It is known through direct perception of energy at work in the living world, here and now. When we write any living wisdom down onto paper we crucify it, it becomes a dead thing, no longer is it "truth" but a shadow of itself. And thus misinterpretation occurs. People then mistake the messenger for the message, it then becomes time for a new message. And thus, our religions are born. The wise who look beyond the paper to hear the words behind the words, can resurrect the wisdom but only insofar as they bring it into themselves as a living essence, in doing so we return light to the world and heal it. Any world is a living world and to heal it you must find your own existence and bring it to life in this way. Our own "true" existence is most easily seen in the face of a friend or other people, and when we judge others we judge ourselves and when we deem others worthy of forgiveness we ourselves can be forgiven because justice is divine. That means that it is inlaid into the fabric of creation, judgement does not occur in some kingdom to come but right here and now with every choice we make, we judge ourselves because our character IS our destiny. Eternity is now and the secret is to find in the vicissitudes of your mortality, your eternity. Hidden behind the veil of Isis that was pulled over our eyes in some dream we don't remember dreaming.

There are "keys" you can find that help along the way. But the keys are changes made to context, not content. Know thyself. People in the modern world, for example, proceed under the assumption that the ancients "made up" myths to answer questions they couldn't find answers to. The logic seems sound, but since those ancient days the world has been turned inside out. The veil of Isis caused a sort of reflective effect to occur in our consciousness and much of what we should remember about ourselves became lost behind a curtain of mists. We are a species with amnesia. In actuality the ancients knew (or rather they were the embodiment of this knowing) that there is a "center in which the truth abides in full and the more you leave it the less you know." They could see the answers clearly within themselves. The "answer" is something transcendent, something we can move through in thought to reach the higher realms. They "fabricated" the questions to act as a kind of earthly physical anchor or pedestal for these answers so that people who came along later could ask the question then suddenly the transcendent would be opened up to them. The answer came first, in other words and then the question. "Ask and you shall receive, but if you ask and do not receive it is because you ask amiss." There is a certain way we knock. Vibrations of reverence and awe must be present, humility must be present because we are the lock that must change to fit the key.

A true spiritual teacher will "open out a way from within for that imprisoned splendor to escape rather than try to effect entry for a light that is supposed to be without." There is no dogma, no ideology, there is no "where" to go and no "thing" to do. It is this moment seen directly. Not something we know but "how" we know the world, not content but context. Enlightenment is the cradle with which all of life is held, amidst the suffering there is a peace, be still and know that you are god.
Phaethon Phaethon
31-35, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I like the way you perceive things.
It brings some spark back to me, and make me think of the things I chose deliberately to forget. My own amnesia by choice.

(comforts) Its just trace memories that I write about. I had to forget to when my wings were clipped. The memory of what I lost was to much to bare. It seemed that the truth I found was not memory at ll but something perceived in the world around me. So when I lost my sight the memory loss came naturally. And left me with torment and pain.

Even how painful a memory is, it is better to recall. Wings or not.