When The Snow Melts...

Will you marry me? How do I know I love you, you ask? Your such a silly woman. Well I bought you a ring... So it must be love. Look at me here now, I am on one knee. It must be love. I will prove it to you again on the day of our marriage, when June comes we will have a white wedding and invite everyone to see. I will prove it to you again during our honeymoon. When we get to Hawaii you will see how deep my love for you truly is.

What if we mistook the manifestations of love for love itself? How foolish would that be? How many fools do you think are alive today? The acts described are the vehicle of an unseen force. Seems obvious eh?

The industries of the world pushed by the ethereal wind of progress burn up the land as they crawl across the surface of the world like a hot on a cigarette, leaving ghetto's behind in there wake. Leaving rust and ruins. But I just arrived here on earth, I am from your future you see. I took a class on the "progress of mankind" and my teacher thought it might do me good to seek it out, and so here I am. You don't mind if I park my Tardis (time and relative dimension in space) on your lawn? I don't know what progress is. I believe I can find it however if I look closely, surely there must be some of it laying around? Maybe I can follow its trail, follow the river upstream to its source. The logic is sound. So I will start at the rivers mouth, the dead and dying world I see around me. Here are some trails of rust and metal. I am sure these meant something to mankind at some point. Is this progress? Look at the people of the world starve and suffer when there should be such abundance. Is this progress? I like these boxes you have in your homes, these Tell-a-visions. You should have put them up a while ago however, your not children anymore but I am sure your World Management Team have there reasons for keeping Tell-a-vision around. We learned long ago that your invention of Tell-a-vision was just the way the universe was telling you that you could create visions in your minds then project them through space. We call it telepathy and your Tell-a-vision is just an outer manifestation of an inner law that all of life can use. But you know more about progress than I do so you are MY teacher here. What about these massive constructions of steel and stone that dot the face of your planet. They are filled with cubical's and divide eternity into hours and minutes. Are we getting close to progress yet? I just don't think I am going to find it here. I hoped it would be laying around somewhere but there is just... some unseen something I am missing.

The spring comes and the snow melts, the ice turns to water and runs down the hills cutting into the earth small veins and valleys. It seems foolish to confuse the valleys a glacier cuts for the glacier itself. When the snow has melted all we can see is its effects on the world. What if we continued to think and believe those effects were the cause? What would happen to our consciousness? Thoughts on a collective level (the BIG thoughts) cut into the earth like laser beams when they are focused through the narrow prism of our human ego. We manifest them here in the third dimension then forget that we were the dreamers and believe the dream to be real. We have cast shadows dividing time.

A document is only as good as the people who administer it. Why is that? Have you found the something yet?

The unseen world supports the visible world. What we do not know supports what we do. The matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. Spiritual truth is a living thing. What if Newton, after seeing the apple fall to the ground grabbed it up and proved to the world "THIS IS GRAVITY" and so they put that apple on display in a museum. Its still there today. Gravity. This is the kind of stupid you can't buy with money. Only human nature can produce this kind of... progress.

"The rational man changes himself to fit the world. The irrational man changes the world to fit himself. Therefore all progress is made by the irrational man."

You have been lied to. Inside you knew you were lied to. You were told what Gods to believe in. Inside you knew and acknowledged your own sovereignty, however. You knew that you were the Gods and worshiping something "out there" that is clearly "in here" was spiritual rape. We became victims by our own Gods. We built churches to them because they made us but in secret we scoffed at them. We didn't really believe. How do you know? Every religion teaches peace but they kill each other. Every religion teaches tolerance but in the secrecy of there own halls they put other religions down and assume with pride and arrogance they have the patten on truth. Its ok to feel these things, you were hurt deeply in the past. You have been lied to. The truth melted a long time ago, it ran away down the hill and into the stream and the World Management Team thought "Oh no! This is terrible, we cannot contain it, it is gone."

"To grasp it is to lose it, it is intangible." And so they lied to you and told you they still had it. The apple is still in the museum to this day, in case you ever want to see Gravity for yourself.

When the snow melts you are left with religion. Re-legion; to bind the ages together. But the valley left behind is not the glacier that carved it. It is a finger pointing to the moon. Look to closely at the finger and you will miss the moon. All of the surface phenomena of the world is the manifestation of unseen archetypal forces. It is time for you to wake up and begin to work with these forces directly, you have been lied to long enough, you are dying and the world is dying with you. We must move through the idea of God to find the mystery source that lies at the center of our own natures. When the church put Jesus on the pedestal they lost the Christ. Jesus is the world. Personally I am not a christian but naturally we all are. We must move through all ideas that we see manifest in the world to perceive the forces setting them into motion. If you ever see the Buddha, kill the Buddha, and maybe you will make progress.
Phaethon Phaethon
31-35, M
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Religion has always brought misery on people.