I am wondering if after we physically die if we have done really evil things to hurt and damage others, does this evil put us into a place of hell our spirit mind has created for itself?.When l died for a brief time l was surprised that though my body was dead and l knew that 'l was still alive and could think see and communicate telepathically' but l was not in hell but in this life l have been basically honest very compassionate kind and loving so maybe l did not have a mean soul even though l have come through a lot of evil done to me. Any thoughts on this welcomed.
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I think you might find this post interesting go to ep mem BOLEK
I Believe In Karma
"I" will never di

i beleive in karma is the group
Ive never heard it explained inthe way he does,he is very interesting

I have often imagined it to be based on cause and effect. In life you are the cause, in death content shifts to become context, you become the effects you put into place while you were the cause. All of the emotions, joys, and pain you put forth in the world will stand over you with a flaming sword at the door to eternity. If you can pass the trial of the Guardian of the Threshold then you may pass. The trial however, is facing yourself. The pain we cause screams at us behind the curtain of mind. In life we can turn it off so the blare doesn't deafen us, but in death the curtain is pulled back and we are forced to look at it with open eyes. If you cannot face it... then you return. If you can then a kind of translation occur, and you enter the higher astral planes with open eyes. Heaven is not a long time however, it is the dimension occluded from us by the veil of time. And the length of our stay in heaven is dependent on whether or not our wisdom can support us indefinitely. If we have become "a wheel rolling out of its own center" in life then we are granted eternal passage. If not i imagine it to be like the Buddhist and Indian ideas of heaven, when our surplus of good karma runs out we must reincarnate again until we find transcendence. All of this is just my reading of the myths however, not my beliefs. If when I die my father finds me worthy of translation then so be it, if not then I have had my cup of joy here, so there is no worries.

Thank you for your welcome feelings on this subject Paethon. l do not quite accept the idea of reincarnation yet, though l see there is documented evidence for it but l wonder if the experiences of feeling one has lived before could be that some of us are able to pick up on the experiences of others who are part of a 'group soul' we may belong to because our soul's are similar?, if that makes sense.

I am familiar with the idea of group souls with animals. it is an interesting idea. I have had no experiences to lead me to believe in reincarnation yet. Just a lot of coincidences. I blend all the myths together on a big pin board and add tack's with string to connect them where they seem they should meet. So my overall theory is always a hybrid of sorts. =)

Ah, l agree with your thoughts on this, l do know animals transform into spirit just as l did when l briefly died but l had not thought of them as belonging to group souls but it makes sense as they are learning by living through physical too.=)

(now I will run the risk of sounding crazy)

I did have another thought on this matter also, which is intuitive. When I look into the design so to speak, look into myself and sought the answer there, in the library, I did a search (google of the soul, heh) for "death" and nothing came up. I cannot find death inside me in other words. I run the risk of sounding crazy so I will try to explain my logic. There seems to be no concordant reality to death. This leads me to several probabilities.

First, the terms I use during the search were not accurate enough to produce results. So I clicked on advanced search and looked a bit more. =)

The second probability for death not offering results is that death is an illusion (everything that is is eternal).

The third is that life is an illusion (we are holograms like all material structures in space/time).

I call this "casting shadows and dividing time" and when it happens I find it is wise to manually pull the two opposites back into one whole. When I do that I arrive at an archetypal image that cannot be expressed in words, however.

Bringing the two into one is something each of us has to do himself to "align" ourselves with truth (because its not true to you unless you can bring it to life in yourself). More or less what I get, if I were to attempt translation, is a model of reality that requires you to transcend any thought separation between self and universe. There is no death so everything that is is eternal, memory is never destroyed in other words but there is no place where we begin and all of life ends ultimately so there is this cosmic lava lamp effect where we are all various frequencies of one cosmic energy tossed onto the field of space/time. Its easier to picture the universe like a layer cake of sorts. Imagine a movie theater, the screen is the fabric of space/time. The film is a kind of archetypal dimension that sits just above this one (3D) then behind it is the light that is the source of all things. The light shines through the archetypal film and projects holographic images on the screen, creating all of the reality that we can see around us. A cosmic movie is playing, we call it life. And while it would appear we have our own separate natures it is all a matter of perspective. We are all, at the same time, the moving image in space and time (body, mind), the film (archetypal design, soul) and the light (God). Living energy, and you choose where you are yourself all the time (through a kind of quantum field or sorts), these choices you make manifest outside of you as your lessons in life. They are what hold you in resonance with the reality you have chosen to work with in this life.

Now that I have most likely lost your respect completely, I will shut up. Lol.

Not at all Paethon. l think l understand because my own thoughts go that way, maybe not quite a hologram but something in that vein maybe, l have come to realise there is some other component to our physical selves that maybe directing us into experiences for the benefit of the soul 'however awful or painful they may be'. Once l died l no longer felt 'the pain of my physical life but l remembered it all in detail', l have suffered a lot of emotional pain and l suffer a great deal of physical pain still, yet l feel serenely comforted because l know l just have to hold on because my soul will have learned so much more when my time comes to exit this body, 'it looks nice but it has accumulated a lot of pain in it's time! poor me, 'just kidding' there are many much worse off. l really do agree with you, l feel there is some kind of quantum field within which is an extreme intelligence or energy. l used to feel l was completely independent but now l see it is not so. I think really evil people think they are completely independent so they can run amok and hurt or harm and never feel any consequences but l now see it is not so because the energy that is in and unites everything has an invisible law of energy or power, that holds up a mirror to ourselves after the physical body is done with, that is an awful fate because even the small hurts l deliberately caused to other's can plague the soul. No you have certainly not lost my respect because non judgemental open minded interactions are always a joy to be involved in. Respectfully yours.

Good, I do like a good metaphysical rant from time to time. =) I am sorry you suffer pain. I hope you feel better. I will pray for your well being.

Thank you 'appreciated' .l also appreciate reading other people's ideas on the metaphysical.

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The Bible says that no one is good, that all of our good deeds are as filthy rags. We measure ourselves against God, not other people. He is our standard for righteousness....and we have none to merit His favor.

If you ever lied, lusted, coveted, taken something that didn't belong to you, hated another, gossiped, made an idol of something other than God....you get the picture.....then you,like the rest of us are in trouble on judgement day because we are condemned by our transgressions against God, who will judge all in righteousness by the standard, the law (Ten Comandments) which shows us how exceedingly sinful we truly are.

Judged in our sins we will be sentenced to Hell where the memory is very much intact. Hell is described as blackness. No love, no light, no joy, no God presence because His presence IS life itself.

But God did an amazing thing for us, coming into time, born as a child into a world that He created, but one that rejected Him. He came to save sinners.... to live a perfect, sinless life and to be sacrificed on a cross where He bore the Father's wrath against sin. He then resurrected from the dead three days later defeating death, Hell and Satan. By this His righteousness is made available to all who will repent and put their trust in Christ alone.

Our minds didn't create Hell. God created it for Satan and his angels. But for those who seek to live apart from God in this life Hell becomes their destination too. So, just like our minds didn't create evil (our hearts are evil and rebellious against God), our minds didn't create Hell either.....

.....how great and merciful is the Lord who put His cross in our way to save us who were still sinners....The cross- where His wrath and judgement met His love and mercy.

Hi LaynePCP. l can only live according the experience l had when l died for a brief time, l felt no judgements from outside myself but maybe that is because l had not anyone any pre-meditated malicious harm. I experienced great love excitement and safety and telepathic communications and the realisation that l felt great love and compassion, and a great energy and power was protecting me and when l asked a question the power of my love decided the answer for me and l was sent back into my dead body which then started to breath!. l was an avid Bible believer and instructor, l no longer preach or worry over it's varied and contradictory pedantic's because l discovered the only importance is the message of Jesus and other's like Him. 'The way' is kindness to all, regardless of the differentials of living or race and ideaology's and l must not judge as each of us is on a different part of our soul learning path, there is much l do not know but the above changed my life.Best wishes to you.

Thank you for your reply Miss Tomorrow.....

You mentioned that you discovered the importance of Jesus' message regarding kindness as "the way".....but what do you do with the rest of His message when He says that HE IS the Way (the Truth and the Life)????

Hi LaynePCP, as l said l live by the experience l had when l briefly died, for me a kind loving unselfish heart is all. This is Jesus, pure unselfish love. Millions lived and died before Jesus and millions die not even having ever heard of Him but l feel the power of love is in all, the choice to live by it or selfishness is l feel inherent in every baby born.If all humans lived in love there would be no divisions or wars, 'but the choice' l feel is the greatest test of every soul.Love,Peace and Light.